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Getting nervous...
mrslee97658 posted:
I know this isn't pratical and I'm not really obsessed with the idea but I don't think me and Dh will have a girl when I finally get preggo. I am totally ok with either sex btw, the girl thing is just because I have 3 boys and one daughter and it would be nice to give her a sister....but I am getting nervous because all of my preggo friends keep posting that they are expecting girls. It has been 3 in the past 2 weeks. This same thing happened when I had Brandon 4 years ago, he was the only boy born in the hospital that day! So I am nervous that it will happen again to us. Don't get me wrong I love my boys, but it would be nice to have more pink in the house. Me and my daughter are outnumbered over here lol. I am waiting for 2 more friends to find out the sex and although I couldn't care either way, I am secretly hoping for more boys .....I am telling you its Deja Vu!
mrslee97658 responded:
Sorry if I sound obsessed with these things ladies, I'm really not...its just nice to have other people to talk to about this. Including those who don't judge bff was mad to say the least that we are TTC now but she got over it. Thanks for putting up with my crazy self
BabyLovesPrada replied to mrslee97658's response:
Ur NutZ, but we love ya! LOL, I think every village has to have the crazy person, it's the village idiot I can live without......

I am SOOO jealous, you have preggo friends to talk to?!?!?!? LUCKY
mrslee97658 replied to BabyLovesPrada's response:
not really talk lol and thanks I am proud to admit that I am the crazy one lol...but anyways my preggo friends are on facebook and I don't talk to them in person but I talk to them regulary on facebook. They have nooooo idea that we are TTC but I have 7 friends that are preggo, I usually see about 4 of them occasionally but the others are just friends from highschool....but there is a total of 8 preggos that I know and out of 8 , 2 are having boys 4 girls and the other 2 we don't know yet so yeah girls are winning so far. but the ones I see occasionally are my sister's kid's babysitter ( don't know yet but she has 2 girls already and she's 33) and my sister's SIL is having a girl, then I have a friend I used to work with and a friend I went to school with and both are having boys.
mrslee97658 responded:
little update lol my sister's babysitter is having a boy! So the count is now 4 girls and 3 boys, but one of my preggo friends has given birth to her little girl so now its tied 3 boys and 3 girls.

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