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AF is in town
BabyLovesPrada posted:
I am really happy I got my first "real" period which means I am OV'ing and that makes me HAPPY, my doctor thought it might take a few months since I had been on the pill for SOOOOOO long. I am bleeding like a stuck pig and that suck (my period was always light on the pill) but I will take it!!!!!
jlbelknap35 responded:
well i was on the pill for 7 years and got pregnant right off the pill so it doesnt always take that long lol. but now that you know, if you are wanting to, you can start the OVing testing and all that stuff. but me i just like doing things the old fashion way and use the rabbit method... hell it worked the first time lol.
mrslee97658 replied to jlbelknap35's response:
I am waiting for mine....I thought I would wake up with it but no such luck. My AF has its own way of sneaking up on me, so I guess I will wear a pantyliner all day in case it comes lol.
mrslee97658 replied to mrslee97658's response:
I am happy that you got your first "real" AF after the pill Lyndee, even though lol AF isn't something I like to celebrate lol even when we weren't trying I hated her lol....she's always so mean and she brings her children "cramps" lol
wwilson89 responded:
Uh, congrats?!

For me, I was on the pill 5 years. Stopped them in Feb 08 b/c I wanted to start another brand, but got lazy about getting a prescription in. I wasn't too worried b/c for some reason did not think that I could get pregnant. The year before we'd been going at it for 5-6 months with no protection and nothing ever happened. Anyway, 2 months after I stopped the pill, I got pregnant. Oops.
BabyLovesPrada responded:
LOL, yeah I have never been happy surfing the crimson tide, but I was pretty happy sunday when it came : D
jlbelknap35 replied to BabyLovesPrada's response:
its funny how you always have a love/hate relationship with aunty flow. shes that blessing in disgise or a disgised blessing which ever way you are wanting her to be at the time.
BabyLovesPrada replied to jlbelknap35's response:
LOL, that is very true, I will say the first two days were HORRENDOUS, but it got better yesterday and is much better today, I am hoping this means I may be going back to my pre-BC flow, light and only 3-4 days and not the 7 I had with the pill pack. We shall see

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