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stupid AF....
mrslee97658 posted:
I just wish she would hurry her butt up and get here....I have cramps but nothing....hmph. At least if she was here I would know that I am ov'ing but I can't tell anything until she comes. I am not late per say she is supposed to arrive today so we will have to wait and see...until then I am suffering with cramps blah! And my children are driving me nuts
BabyLovesPrada responded:
Do what I did this AM pop an extra strenth midol and eat some chocolate LOL
jlbelknap35 replied to BabyLovesPrada's response:
second that!
mrslee97658 replied to jlbelknap35's response:
I had a nice big banana split last night and all I have around here is Tylenol....but the stupid cramps went away and still no AF. I am not rushing out and getting a test though. I was 10 days late on the pill a couple of months back and as soon as I was gonna test I got AF .....I base me thinking I'm preggo on MS...if I have it then its time to test, but if not then hold back. I have had bad MS every time I was preggo so I don't think that will change.
BabyLovesPrada replied to mrslee97658's response:
When did you MS start with your previous pregnancys?
mrslee97658 replied to BabyLovesPrada's response:
around 5-6 weeks sometimes sooner.
mrslee97658 replied to mrslee97658's response:
but right now I don't have any and the only thing that is "different" is I can smell when DH smokes and usually I don't smell anything cuz he smokes all of the time but lately I can't stand it and I can smell it in another room and that's not normal for me.

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