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Still waiting....
mrslee97658 posted:
lol, you would think I would know this stuff by now but here it is 31 days since last AF and nothing yet. I am thinking maybe I am "off" because of stopping the pill last month. I'm too chicken to run out and get a test, I've done that before and got AF at the same time lol....but on the other hand if DH thinks it is time to test then I will. Wish me luck ladies.
Jen_FLMom responded:
Keeping my fingers crossed for you and sending you lots of babydust!!!
mrslee97658 replied to Jen_FLMom's response:
Aww thanks Jen, nice to "see" you
Jen_FLMom replied to mrslee97658's response:
Thanks...I've been laying low lately, LOL! I actually have taken a month off BCP's this month. It's part of a compromise with DH to just "try and see" for a little while and if nothing happens I will talk to my OB in Dec. about trying more aggressively with Clomid or something. I don't think I will get PG without some help so this way DH and I aren't fighting about me not being on board but the chances of it happening before I am ready are slim.

I will admit though, now that I am a little more open to the idea of having a second baby I am kinda hoping for a surprise!
mrslee97658 replied to Jen_FLMom's response:
well then welcome to the club officially! lol....did you have to use clomid before? I have read some things that I could get pregnant right away after stopping the pill and they were from this website (webmd) and that is how I got pregnant with my first son. I stopped the pill back then because of money issues and my AF never came back after the BCP AF so it could still happen....but before when I was actually TTC with DH it took a few months each time.

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