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Jen_FLMom posted:
I saw your reply to my comments and figured I'd start a new thread so I don't completely hijack your post.

BTW...any news yet? Still keeping my fingers crossed!

I have PCOS so I was on Metformin and I took Provera in the middle of each cycle so AF would come regularly. We had been trying for 2 years and I actually went for my annual visit with my GYN on a Wednesday and she wrote me a prescription for Clomid to start with my next cycle. Well, on Saturday morning 3 days later I got my first BFP! I never even filld the prescription and I still have it tucked away somewhere to put in DD's baby book.

I really struggled with the idea of fertility drugs at first because I wanted to be able to get PG "myself" (if that makes any sense) and had a really hard 2 years. I think that reaching a point where I was ready to accept whatever we needed to do to have a baby let me relax and take the pressure off myself enough where my body was able to quit dealing with the stress I was putting on it and do what it was supposed to do. This time around I am a lot more willing to put my own silly pride aside and take advantage of help offered if needed. I still would like to get PG with #2 without needing actual "fertility" drugs but if nothing happens by the time I am already supposed to see my doc in December I will try to talk her into letting me try something a little earlier than last time.
mrslee97658 responded:
Sorry for the late response Jen, btw you can call me Ruth lol anyway on Thursday night my fricken computer finally crashed! We had plans to pay off DH's dentist bill and instead we had to go out and get a new computer! But instead of paying for it right away we got a Rent to own. Anyway no no news yet and here it is Saturday! DH doesn't want me to test until next week but I almost have a feeling it will be a BFP because last night I felt really warm and the a/c was blasting so I took my temp and it was 99.5! I'm not even sick to have a fever or anything. And don't feel bad if you have to use fertility drugs you got a beautiful little girl out of it! God never said we couldn't use any help to conceive children

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