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Does tracking really make a difference....if???
32andTTC posted:
...If we just have sex, the old-fashioned way?
I know alot of people seem to believe in tracking ovulation but my question is this: regardless of whether or not a test "says" you're ovulating shouldn't you just have sex anyway. What if the test is wrong anyway?

Am I the only one that has questions about this?
Am I missing something?
jlbelknap35 responded:
to me i like doing it the old fashion way but some people like knowing and thinks it makes a differnce. it can at times depending on the couple. if a guy has a low sperm count then you definatly want to keep track of your ovulation and only have sex every other day bc you would want to get as many of his little guys as you can. also if you are taking a while to get KU it might determan if you are ovulating or not or if you have a longer cycle than you think. also some girls i think use it to determan if they NEED to have sex or not at times too and during there cycles just have sex like 2 or 3 times and than wander why they didnt get pregnant. but you have the people on the other hand that also use it has a form of birthcontrol too. but no if you and your husband are perfectly normal or you belive you are in that area than i say do it the old fashion way (i call it the rabbit method) and have fun with it. to me tracking and stuff makes it to stressfull and i think it also jinxes you into not getting pregnant at times. but thats just my opinion.
mrslee97658 responded:
I don't think tracking matters. I tracked with my younger boys and it did take a few months to get preggo and with my older two I wasn't trying and got preggo right away. It just depends on the person I believe. But I do say having sex everyday couldn't hurt

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