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    just needing to vent.... warning-long
    jlbelknap35 posted:
    ok is its to rediculous to say that i am sitting here crying on my computer typing this bc my son has been braking my heart all day bc he has just been wanting his dada. every time he leaves he throws a fit at the baby gate i put up between the front door and living room and then after a little bit he realizes his dad hasnt come back threw that door and goes looking for him in all the other rooms. i keep those door close so he goes down the hall bawling, banging on each door and calling for dada. this is the first day he has done that and it broke my heart so bad. my husband ended up working late today and the second he got home he asked if he could go out with the guys. and i told him i didnt care just help me get your son ready for bed and everything before you go plus dont get to drunk bc of reasons i will explain later. well he gave cody a bath and was starting to put his pjs on him, well he got a text message saying that his friend was here to pick him up and he put cody on the floor with just his bottoms on and no shirt and sayed he had to leave and started heading out, this with cody was bawling grabbing at his ankles and when he got over the baby gate he really started crying and i was livid then that he could not just stay just a few more mins to make sure his son wasnt going to throw a fit. if he would of stayed not more than 5 mins cody would of been half asleep and i wouldnt of had to watch him cry for dada again today . oh and the whole time he was home before going out i was having to beg him to get off his phone or ipod and play with cody or help me out with him so that made me mad too. but ya when he got home which im glad it was a resonable time but he was drunk as hell. usually when he gets that drunk he falls asleep and gets worse in his sleep and ends up going into cody's room and peeing. he has done that sense before he was born and we have moved houses sense then so its not that he goes into a sertain room thinking that that has to be the bathroom. well usually i catch him but the last time i didnt and he pee'ed all over cody's room WHILE HE WAS SLEEPING!!!! so when i saw he was drunk tonight i started crying bc i was so tired bc i hadnt gotten sleep the night before (just couldnt get confortable or wide awake and couldnt sleep) and was thinking i was going to have to stay up all night plus take care of cody in the morning with no sleep and when i am that tired i end up puking bc i end up with a migrain and sounds, and especialy smells end up getting to me really badly. at least i get to get a little sleep tonight (i hope) bc i remembered about baby gates halfway into this vent. so i went and put one up so if he did try to go anywhere down the hall past the bathroom i would hear him and wake up. ok is it bad that i have to put up a baby gate for my husband???
    Hey thanks you guys for listening and letting me vent i know this was long but i needed to get it out there so i wouldnt dwell to much on it trying to get to sleep. i am really bad about holding vendedas when i cant do anything about whats on my mind. my brain just goes into overdrive when i am upset at something. so thank you again and i hope you guys had a much better night than i did.
    mrslee97658 responded:
    So sorry hun ((((hugs)))). I don't have any advice because DH usually only gets drunk with me but I do have a little suggestion maybe when he does that is it possible for you to put a baby gate at Cody's doorway. that way he might not notice and smack his legs right into it. At least if I hit my leg drunk or not I would stop what I was doing and find out what I hit. And then you could possibly hear him and redirect him. No I don't think that is terrible at all. When I was younger my dad used to get drunk all of the time and would end up sleeping in the hallway, we always had to crawl over him to use the bathroom. As far as Cody he is just going through the separation stage. A lot of kids go through that its tough but eventually it gets better. My kids used to break my heart when I would leave them at daycare, I used to have to sneak out and that broke my heart worse.
    wwilson89 responded:
    That's really crappy about your husband acting like that and the part about him completely leaving his child half dressed really made me mad. You being really tired probably doesn't help matters. Hope it gets better for you
    BabyLovesPrada responded:
    (((HUGS))) Its been a few days and I am hoping this are a little better?

    I agree with the others and feel that was really crappy of him, Me personally because he is acting like a ding dong, I would go out and buy some depends and tell him if he wants to go out and get that hammered? (and why you would want to is beyond me) he has to wear one to bed, he is a grown man and not a child GRRR and I am with Wanda too, the fact that it was more important to go out and drink then to play with and properly dress his child? not cool, maybe if he saw his dad more, you wouldnt have to deal with the meltdowns!

    wwilson89 replied to BabyLovesPrada's response:
    BLP--I'm cracking up on my end of the screen at the thought of her suggesting he wear Depends on drinking nights. Seriously though, he'd definitely be cleaning up pee the next day. I would be d**ned if I had to go and clean up urine after a drunk man in my child's room.
    mrslee97658 replied to wwilson89's response:
    lol BLP is a trip....but I would be pissed too.
    BabyLovesPrada replied to mrslee97658's response:
    LOL Ruth, No Pun intended?!?!?!?
    BabyLovesPrada replied to wwilson89's response:
    Well if you are going act up, those are the consequences!!! LOL
    mrslee97658 replied to BabyLovesPrada's response:
    nope no pun here I was saying I would be pissed if DH peed anywhere on my floor. I sometimes catch him peeing in my sink!
    jlbelknap35 replied to mrslee97658's response:
    LOL you guys are silly, sorry if ive been MIA again sense this email. My DS has been such a handful lately plus i am so wound up the past few days all i want to do is nothing when i have time to do something. but thats bc DH has been working so much and I need some just ME time. We are good after that night though. I was just pissed. DH feels so bad and DS mad him feel really bad again just yesterday going off to work that it almost made DH cry so i think he learned his lesson. also i forced him to get up with DS on saterday morning when he was hungover sense of course i didnt get anysleep for the second night in a row bc of him. but i didnt get any sleep that night not just bc i had an ear out for DH but also for DS bc he was coughing all night long. I like the depends idea thats halarious, i should bring that up next time DH wants to go out and tell him if he comes back bad than thats his punishment lol! i dont mind him drinking i just mind him getting to the black outpoint bc its not fun. i drink myself and had been so drunk i have blacked out plenty of times but a few of those tiimes i regret and felt so bad afterward that i dont ever want to get that way again and dont anymore bc of that and i have a kid now that i have to think of too.
    BabyLovesPrada replied to jlbelknap35's response:
    I hear ya, and don't worry, the board has been slow because of the time of year, we all know you are busy with two kids, (DS and DH lol) that you can't always get on, so we are happy to hear from you when you do!

    Man I love that pic, I hope you never change it, it always makes me smile!
    jlbelknap35 replied to BabyLovesPrada's response:
    lol ya and trying for another, what am i thinking? lol ya i know there slow but i feel bad bc this has been the first boards i actually feel excepted on. i use cafe mom at times but i end up reading more than responding bc nothing ever seams to pertain to me and alot of those moms are by the book and drive me nuts on what they have to say.

    lol i probly wont for a while bc i am lazy but i am glad you like it. its an old picture though. he was probly about 4 months when i took it and now he is almost 10 months. he loves the camera though .
    jlbelknap35 replied to jlbelknap35's response:
    oh one more thing, another reson why it seams i am so slow at times also is bc i am on hawaiian time so i am 3-6 hours different than most of you guys so usually if i do have the time (besides right now) i am writing in the middle of your sleep time lol.
    mrslee97658 replied to jlbelknap35's response:
    thats fine Jessica I know me and some of the girls are on Eastern time. I have an old highschool friend that I talk to on Facebook all of the time and its really weird cuz she lives in
    Germany now! ( her DH is in the military) so when its breakfast time here it is her dinner time and vice versa.
    BabyLovesPrada replied to jlbelknap35's response:
    Man I am JEALOUS, I would love to visit Hawaii, never mond live there! its on our "bucket list" lol

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