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    We're pregnant!!!!!!!!
    mrslee97658 posted:
    I almost have to pinch myself cuz I can't believe it but we are definitely pregnant. I could barely even pee on the stick I was nervous and didn't really have to go but even before I set it down on the counter there were two lines!!!!!! But I'm not leaving you ladies. I don't feel like it and besides the First Trimester ladies don't know me like you all do. They might not accept my crazy self into their inner circle lol....the only time I might got over there is if I have a pregnancy question. Now I have to find an OB today. I have a Family Practice doctor but in Feb. I just switched to a different one cuz of insurance and I don't think they do OB. ( they do other female things of course) So dangit I have to search for another DR for this pregnancy. All of my other children were delivered by my Family Practice DRs and I never had to search for an OB.

    Sending baby dust to everyone that needs it **************** ( lol no I didn't cuss that's the dust lol)

    Also I will still be here not lurking but helping
    wwilson89 responded:
    ImMe26 responded:
    mrslee97658 replied to ImMe26's response:
    Thanks ladies!
    Jen_FLMom replied to mrslee97658's response:

    I knew it!!

    I am so happy for you and I'm really glad you're going to be sticking around. We'd miss you, especially me who I have a feeling will be here for a while.
    mrslee97658 replied to Jen_FLMom's response:
    I couldn't leave my girls
    jlbelknap35 replied to mrslee97658's response:
    Congrats!!! I know you where!!! and I am glad to here you are staying over here too. You could probly ask all the pregnancy questions and kiddo questions you need here too bc some of us have gone threw it before too and can give some of our advice and knowlage too. Good Luck!
    mrslee97658 replied to jlbelknap35's response:
    Thanks Jessica....I wandered over there for a min....and 2briggerboys is pregnant too!!!!!!! This is just crazy....hopefully some more girls will be getting some good news soon.
    BabyLovesPrada replied to mrslee97658's response:
    CONGRATS!!!!!! so happy for you!!! and while no one was looking, I scooped up all the baby dust!!!!! LOL (Just kidding Jen)
    Jen_FLMom replied to BabyLovesPrada's response:
    LOL, it's ok. I'm just stockpiling because I know I'll need all the help I can get. I won't become a BD snatching fanatic for a couple more months yet...

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