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DH cracks me up....
mrslee97658 posted:
Yesterday he was asking me if I still had my breastpump and I said No I don't think so. So he says I guess now we are starting all over? I said yeah cuz we were supposed to be done and you told me to get rid of everything lol. And I also told him there are no hand me downs if we have a boy cuz my brother's baby's clothes are going to their babysitter cuz they are having a boy. He just said good then everyone has to buy us new things. LOL he cracks me up and I know he doesn't expect us to have a baby shower for #5 lol if he does he is crazy.
jlbelknap35 responded:
LOL sounds like he wants a baby shower and sounds like he is wanting a party. Thats funny but cute that he said that. You should tell him that if they dont get you anything new than you have all rights to a shopping day!

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