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Catchin up
jlbelknap35 posted:
Wow I feel out of the loop when I dont get on for several days. Alot of vents and good conversations that have been going on. I hope everyone that has had bad days and bad times have now had those resolved and put behind them now and the new days have arived. Lyndee I hope that wedding thing goes better than it is sounding when he gets there. I hate planning for stuff like that, so annoying. Well like I sayed I hope everyone is doing better this week.

For me not to much has gone on. Just chilling with my DS and DH this weekend not up to to much. First weekend in a LONG time we got to finally just relaxe and enjoy it. For the past 3 weeks DH has had to work the weekends ontop of the weekdays. and 2 weeks before then we delt with family vacation drama.

Well now anyway I am back off the BCP again and now on my period. We will see if by the time my period is over if DH will change his mind again about me staying off and actually TTCing lol. I am just not really going to say anything to him unless he asks this time. Maybe by the time he does try to change his mind again it will be to late .
BabyLovesPrada responded:
Thanks Jess, I have just accepted it is what it is, sounds like you had a nice weekend! good for you!

I hear ya on the working, between our work schedules, we get to have dinner wed and fri nights and see each other all day sunday so I am envious of your having a whole weekend with hubby!!!!

Man that pic cracks me up, LOL
jlbelknap35 replied to BabyLovesPrada's response:
That was about how it was the past month minus the sunday part. They had alot of work stuff going on so it was a bit stressfull on the both of us. LOL funny that you like that pic so much. I keep thinking of changing it sense that is a pretty old pic of him. He has alot of funny pics though. he is not camera shy one little bit. its kinda anoying at times though when i am trying to get a cute picture of something he is doing and instead he starts chasing the camera yelling at me. definatly think its going to be very interesting having another one... especialy if he ends up anything like my DS now. I always wander how it would of been if the egg split and I ended up with 2 of my DS and I shake my head bc it would be way to crazy. I would probly lose it from laughing at them so much if there were more than one of them.
BabyLovesPrada replied to jlbelknap35's response:
LOL, yeah, no doubt!
mrslee97658 responded:
You could end up like crazy me and never get AF again at least not for 9 months lol
(Me)Ruth (26), DH Steve (42), DS1 Tavion(10),DD Shakayla(7),DS2 Brandon(4), DS3 Kobie(3) and new LO EDD 3/22/2011 On green team hoping for pink!
jlbelknap35 replied to mrslee97658's response:
lol thats the plan

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