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IslandL posted:
What has been your experience with the private board you belong to?

Do you find it too exclusionary, or stagnant?

Are there problems with trolls, snarky posters there like there are on the public boards? People who hide behind anon to avoid accountability?

In short, would you recommend it, or not?
Jen_FLMom responded:
The board I am a member of is pretty quiet and most of the threads come from its creator. I think she pulled from a pretty small pool though and it is a board based on a pretty specific category of WebMD members.

We have not had one single incident of Anon postings or things getting out of hand on that board since it was created. The thing you have to worry about though if you have some hard-core trolls stalking you that are determined to cause trouble is that they can always get a new username to gain access to a private board too. Understandably it will probably happen a lot less often than trolling on a public board but it is still possible.

That would also be a question for WebMD administration about being permitted to remove invited members who are causing problems (although I don't know how you would go about this with Anon postings).

I think I would recommend a private board, especially considering the problems that have been touched on here from other boards and that I have seen glimpses of around here but whoever chooses who will be invited will have to beware of trolls, especially with members who just recently joined.
BabyLovesPrada replied to Jen_FLMom's response:
Thanks Jen, great info
IslandL replied to Jen_FLMom's response:
Thanks. You are a wealth of information! Would you be interested in joining the type of forum Lyndee & I want to create?
Jen_FLMom replied to IslandL's response:
Glad I could help, ladies. I would absolutely like to join.

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