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eek! TMI warning
jlbelknap35 posted:
well think i might be calling the dr tomorrow if i dont feel much better. my vajayjay is hurting super bad right now. It doesnt feel like a yeast infection bc its only the outside and it doesnt itch. its just very sore and painful and worst of all the skin is peeling. has anyone had this with a yeast infection before. I usually get sinsitive after a period right between where my legs bend and my underwear rubs but its almost like that moved up to other places blah.... maybe the dr tomorrow can let me know what bit the heck out of mee this last week that still hasnt gone away either. If it wasnt for the fact that hawaii doesnt have any poisons plants then I would of thought it was poison ivy but nope and it doesnt spread just itches like heck and looks horrible. well hopefully you guys are doing better than i am right now.

BabyLovesPrada responded:
OMG, that is horrible! I am so sorry! I have no idea what that could be, def check with your DR!
jlbelknap35 replied to BabyLovesPrada's response:
Well good news I feel about 95% better down there today thanks to this monistat cream that I have that has a healing agent in it. I put it on over night and bye bye dry skin. I think I realized what was going on though. Some times I over shave down there and the blade makes my skin super dry. When I do that to my legs they will flake really badly also and be ITCHY as ever from the razor burn. It doesnt help I was coming off my period too so I didnt have natural lube to keep me moist down there too. The things that girls go through .
mrslee97658 replied to jlbelknap35's response:
Ouch sounds painful but I am glad you figured out what was going on and feel better
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