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Sleeping too much
momwatch posted:
My mom has been diagnosed with alzheimers and she sleeps alot during the day but sleeps well at night too. She doesn't seem to have progressed that much with the disease. Short term memory is not good but remembers everyone and when many are talking is fine. i just wonder if its normal to sleep so much.
cjh1203 responded:
I don't think that excessive sleeping is uncommon in Alzheimer's patients, but I wonder if she might be depressed, which could cause her to sleep a lot. It could also be an effect of her medications -- you might take a list of her meds to your pharmacist and see if that's a possibility.
judywaters responded:
my husband has been also diagnosed with alzhelmers,
he also sleeps a lot. does this mean he is getting
worse , or if there is stages they go thorugh .can someone tell the life span.he get lost easy and i have to dress him sometimes.
cjh1203 replied to judywaters's response:
I'm so sorry about your husband's diagnosis.

I'm not sure that sleeping a lot necessarily means he's getting worse, but it might. It could also be depression or some of his medications.

This will give you some information about the progression of the disease. As you can see, sleeping a lot is shown as one of the symptoms in the early stages.

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