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mixing meds
An_242181 posted:
My wife is in moderate to late stage. She is currently taking aricept and namenda. At this time she is in discomfort from dental work where she had the nerve in he rtooth removed because it was infected & dead. Dentist said to give her amoxicillan & 600mg of motrin. Do you think this is ok for someone taking aricept & namenda?
Wife needs to get some rest & get out of pain
cjh1203 responded:
I'm sorry your wife is having pain from her dental work -- that's just so miserable. I would hate to say whether the meds are OK, because I'm not a professional, although if the dentist knows she's on Aricept and Namena, he or she should have take that into consideration.

To put your mind at rest, you might want to phone a pharmacist. They're always happy to give advice like this. Many drugstores are open 24 hours, so you should be able to reach someone now, even if it's late where you are.

I hope your wife will be able to get some quick relief.

Judith L London, PhD responded:
Dear An_242181,

I hope your wife is feeling better now. Dental work is never pleasant for any of us, especially for her. The pharmacist should have helped you. The physician who prescribed the other medications is another resource. You are wise to check up on drug interactions.

When she returns for follow-up care, have the dentist to tell your wife what he is doing as he is treating her so that it won't be so scary for her. Reassurance and knowing what comes next can make a difference.

Hope you get some rest, too,

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