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Severe Head Injury From A Fall or Alzheimers??
An_243249 posted:
It has been about a year now that a very dear friend of mine had taken a terrible fall at night in her bathroom. She lost her balance while just getting a drink of water, spun around and fell backwards into the bathtub! She ended up smashing her head on a tile soap dish that sticks out from the tile wall and hit the bottom of her head in the back. Then....she unfortunately had to lay in the tub for n12 and 1/2 hours in her own urine, freezing because no one could even hear her banging on the tub with a rock!
This shows people first of all, how VERY important it is for ANY older person, in particular, to get a "Life Alert"-type bracelet or necklace just for their own safety and security. She HAD wanted to get one but it came too late.....never put it off....please! Do not let PRIDE get in the way when it comes to your life and the quality of it!
Now....after all of that, she naturally has a unit for safety but afterwards, her memory has been quite bad and her personality has changed some. The doctor believes she has Alzheimer's without even doing any tests but I, personally believe that it was the accident in the bathroom that may have caused this. In the end.....he never yet has even had her have an MRI which she should have had a LONG time ago! Instead, she has been on Aricept medication for Alzheimer's patients.
I have to say that she seems a "bit" better but it could be that the "Aricept" might just help someone with a head injury also. I still believe she should have the MRI but her doctor HE has to pay for it!!! She would be naturally paying for it through insurance! Oh well. As long as she is doing pretty well. Just quickly........she also ended up with an "incontinence" problem which happened shortly after the fall. I think that also was caused by the accident and maybe even the pituitary gland at the base of the brain was badly injured and sometimes, THAT can cause incontinence! The doctor just feels that it is her age. To me......too coincidental.
Right now, she is "hanging in there" and the Aricept DOES seem to help some, honestly. We sill see how things go.
I pray that anyone out there who takes care of someone with Alzheimer's takes just as good care of themselves as they do the person with the medical condition. THAT is very important also. A "break" once in awhile should never make anyone feel "guilty" in the least as you, yourself are important also!
Take care everyone and if I could, I would wave a wand and make everyone well.

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How many people reading this who have someone they care for with Alzheimer's who are just starting with the disease and are able to stay alone once in awhile but absolutely REFUSE to rent a "Life ALert"-type of unit only because of their "pride," literally?
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  • They may be "thinking" of renting one
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cjh1203 responded:
Hi Sue. It's so nice to see you back. I was concerned when you were gone for so long. How frustrating to be without the internet for so long -- I don't think I could do it!

Since you don't believe your friend (I'm sorry -- I've forgotten her name) is getting proper care from her doctor, is there any way you could convince her to see a different doctor for a second opinion? I'm glad that you think she's doing a little better, but it sounds like there are some questions that still need to be answered.

Are you still taking on the primary responsibility for her care? I hope you've been taking your own advice and giving yourself some breaks! I know the stress of caring for her was causing you a lot of physical and emotional problems and I hope that's not still the case.

As far as the Life Alert, my aunt used to talk about getting one for my uncle, but never dd it. He seemed open to the idea, though. If your friend is refusing to get one, maybe you could tell her that her doctor prescribed it -- sometimes that makes a difference.

How are you doing? Are you feeling any better? Getting out and doing some enjoyable things?

We're all fine, thanks. From Thanksgiving to Christmas was sort of non-stop celebrating of one kind or another: Thanksgiving, our anniversary, both of our 60th birthdays and Christmas. (Neither of us has the energy to celebrate New Year's Eve an more.)

Happy new year to you, too. I hope you're well and am glad you're back.

Judith L London, PhD responded:

So sorry to hear about what happened to your friend.

If she was my mother, I'd have her see another physician who is and expert in geriatric issues. It's always good to get a second opinion. Alzheimer's develops very slowly although head injury increases the risk.

Hope you can assist in getting her the help she needs,
An_243249 replied to Judith L London, PhD's response:
Dear Dr. London,
Thankyou so kindly for y7our response. I appreciate it.
I am trying to take her for a second opinion but she seems to want to stick with her doctor. Also....right after the fall, she began having TERRIBLE problems with urinating constantly. Incontinence. She cannot evn sleep at night hardly because of that reason. She uses 4 (four) LARGE pads inside a "Depends" at night and that still does not keep the urine from leaking out. I wish SOMEONE could invent a Depneds type of adult diaper that would keep the urine from leaking out! How about silicone or rubber around the legs? This as awful! I thought possibly she could have injured her "pituatary gland" at the base of her head which I believe may control urine flow??? The urologist said that after checking her out, she discovered she has a bladder only 4" in size! Usually, it would be 10" or so! But WHY all of a sudden the unbelievable urine flow?
Anyway, thankyou so much again Doctor.
Take care.
cjh1203 replied to An_243249's response:
Hi Sue. I just wanted to make sure you saw my reply to you from a few weeks ago.

Has she been checked for a UTI?

When you get the reports about what her doctor says, are you getting from them, or are you able to talk to the doctors, too? I just wondered if you're getting the right information, if it's coming from her.

I know you're taking good care of her, and I hope you're taking care of yourself, too.


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