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    February Check-in
    Judith L London, PhD posted:
    Hi Again Everyone,

    I've been on vacation and February 1st slipped by me. I am relaxed and feeling lazy but that will soon change. So, let's see how you are doing.

    It's never too late to check-in,

    2010guardian responded:
    Hi Judy,
    It is good to know that caring people are standing by.

    Hubby is doing good most of the time. We had confusion over his taking or not taking his meds one evening. He insisted he had just taken some but he was still holding his cup of pills. Also when we were putting his pills in the daily box, we noticed that he had some missing from one of the days. I have had a weeks worth put out, separated by days. Now I am putting out only one day at a time. This seems to have confused him, so I have to watch and make sure he takes his pills.

    I have a friend who is in the moderate to severe stage of Alzheimers. She is in her 80's her family has said that she is in good health with no complaints. Recently she fell. I'm not sure what the procedure was after that, but her husband has just found out that she has colon cancer.

    She has been taking Naminda for years. They have now taken her off Naminda and her husband says she is doing better than when she was on it.

    This makes me wonder. Can Naminda or other Alzheimer drugs eventually cause cancer? Have you heard of this happening to anyone else?

    Thanks for your response.

    cjh1203 responded:
    Judy, did you go anyplace exciting on vacation? It's always so hard to get back in the groove after living a life of leisure, even for a short time. By now, your vacation probably just seems like a dim memory!

    Kathy, The only thing I could find about colon cancer and Namenda was a study of almost 5,500 people, of which three (all female) developed colon cancer. I believe that's a much lower rate than in the general population, and I imagine it's hard to know whether the cancer was related to the Namenda or if the patients would have developed it anyway.

    Keeping track of medications must be a battle for a lot of Alzheimer's caregivers. I guess it's one of those things that you figure out as you go along. I'm glad your husband is doing reasonably well.

    I hope more people will check in for February. Dave has been gone for a long time, and he used to be one of our most active posters -- I hope he will turn up again and let us know how he and his dad are doing.

    Take care, everyone.

    2010guardian replied to cjh1203's response:
    Thanks Carol, with only 3 getting colon cancer it's unlikely that it was caused by Namenda.

    Judith L London, PhD replied to 2010guardian's response:
    Hi Kathy,

    As a loving caregiver, you have some job. Keeping track of pills is but another aspect of it all. Some days, I cannot keep track of taking vitamins! Hope you are taking care of yourself as well.

    I, too, have never heard of the cancer-Namender connection. It is surprising that your friend is doing better without the Namenda since usually the combination of Namenda and Aricept work well.

    We appreciate that you are checking-in,

    Judith L London, PhD replied to cjh1203's response:
    Hi Carol,

    All I did was veg out in Florida where it was warm and cloudy. It felt terrific! Read three mystery novels and managed a couple of walks along the beach when the wind eased up.

    It was just what I needed,

    cjh1203 replied to Judith L London, PhD's response:
    Hi Judy-

    I live in Florida. It was 86 yesterday -- way too warm for this time of year! I'm glad you had a good vacation. If you read three books, it sounds like your pace is the same as mine on vacation -- lots of relaxing.

    2010guardian replied to Judith L London, PhD's response:
    I'm really trying to take care of myself. I quit going to the beauty shop because my appointments were of a morning and it worried me too much to just leave without knowinghow my husband was. Like this morning while I was getting breakfast about 9:00 am, my husband got a nose bleed and he needed my assistance. He very seldom gets these and has always taken care of it himself, but he seem very concerned this morning.
    Last week I started back to the beauty shop with afternoon appointments. he is usually fine in the afternoon. Today was a special appointment as my beauty operater is also a massage therapist. I had a 12:00 noon appt. for a massage and a 12:30 hair appt. I had just enough time to get my husband home from lunch and get to that appt. Before I could reach home, my 12 yr old granddaughter called from school with a headache and wanted medicine. so I took her some. I arrived in time for a hair appt. Since I had muscle spasms in my neck and shoulder, she gave me a few minutes massage before she did my hair. Something seems to always interfere in my massages, but I'm on call for 5 grandchildren when Mom's are working. I enjoy getting my hair done, so I'm keeping my appts.
    Judith L London, PhD replied to 2010guardian's response:
    Keep up the good work. It's some responsibility to be on call foe on call for so many people, but keep yourself on that list.

    Keep scheduling those appoitments - they are a life saver,


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