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Update On My Dad
davedsel57 posted:
Hello, friends.

Just thought I'd give an update on my dad. His right leg has been extremely swollen for the past few weeks. This past Saturday one of the nursed at the ALF called me - she said he has what appeared at first to be a large blister on his right shin. She said they though they should send him to the VA emergency room via ambulance and I wholeheartedly agreed. The er took good care of him and did a thorough evaluation, then called me to take him back to the ALF after about 5 hours.

The 'blister' on his shin is actually either a bacterial or fungal skin infection. He was sent home with an antibiotic and hydrocortizone cream that he can apply as directed. The nursed at the ALF are checking on him frequently and making sure he is applying the cream. My dad told me yesterday that the infected area is getting lighter and shrinking, which is a good thing.

The er doctor told me that they did some preliminary testing and determined my dad has congestive heart failure. That is what is causing the leg swelling. His primary VA doctor was at his ALF to see him and they will be scheduling an appointment for my dad to see a VA cardiologist soon. Right now my dad is stable, but must stay in his recliner other than going down for meals with his legs elevated. The primary VA doctor will be calling me, hopefully today, so I can learn more details.

Other than that, my dad is doing well and still loves the newer ALF. I know this is the right place for him and I am thankful for the excellent care he is receiving.
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Blessings, Dave
cjh1203 responded:
Hi Dave. I'm really sorry your father is having physical problems, especially the congestive heart failure. I know that can't be cured, but is there anything that can improve it?

It's so good to hear that he loves where he's living and that he's getting such attentive care. No matter what else is going on, I know that is a very positive thing in your lives.

I hope his infection clears up soon -- skin wounds can be tough to deal with in older people, but it sounds like he's headed in the right direction.

davedsel57 replied to cjh1203's response:
Hi, Carol.

CHF can be helped with medication. He is already on a water pill for the swelling, and will be seeing a VA cardiologist soon. They will determine what med will help his heart to function better.

Good news in general for my dad and us - I signed the final paperwork and his mobile home is sold. I met the new owner and he is a nice single guy and loves the home. All I have to do now is wait for the check to come in the mail and deposit it into my dad's checking account. Having this done is a big relief for my wife and me.

Hope you are all having a blessed and wonderful Wednesday.
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Blessings, Dave
cjh1203 replied to davedsel57's response:
Hi Dave. I'm glad that there are medications he can take. Is there any kind of physical therapy that might help?

The sale of your dad's home deserves a celebration! I know that getting it ready to sell was a huge amount of work for you and your wife. You're a good son.

davedsel57 replied to cjh1203's response:

From what I understand there is no physical therapy for chf. My dad is encouraged by his alf staff and his family (us) to get out of his room and walk around a bit each day. Once the skin infection is fully healed he can start wearing the compression socks the VA sent him.

I am actually a bit emotional today about the sale of the mobile home. A very bitter-sweet experience. Mostly we are very relieved this is all done.

I try to be a good son and do the best I can for my dad.

Hope you are having a great day!
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Blessings, Dave
Judith L London, PhD replied to davedsel57's response:
Hi Dave,

I can understand how this sale is an emotional experience. It marks the end of another chapter. The fact that your Dad likes the new place is such a blessing.

I'm also glad that you ER experience was good and that the doctors there were on top of things.

You've been and still are a terrific son!!

Do something nice for yourself and your wife,
davedsel57 replied to Judith L London, PhD's response:
Thank you so much, Judy. I appreciate that comment so much.

We did something nice yesterday after all the documents were signed. There is a restaurant in the southern tier of WNY called "Aunt Millie's" and we went there for lunch. The food was very good, but they are famous for their pastries. We brought home a few Napoleans that were about a foot around, a couple of cream puffs with chocolate frosting that were just as bit, and two 'brownie towers' which were 8 inch squares of two brownies with peanut butter cream filling, fudge frosting and peanuts on top. We brought a napolean for the real estate agent that was so wonderful handling the sale, and the rest came home. These should last at least a few more days. Being diabetic I'm only taking very small slivers at a time and trying to limit it to once per day. A nice treat for all of us.
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Blessings, Dave

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