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Night-time mental disturbance
2010guardian posted:
I don't know the best title for this. I got Ken up to go to the bathroom late at night before I went to bed. Sometimes I have to coax him to get him awake enough to get out of bed, including telling him how to move to get out of bed.

About 3 nights ago, I was going through this process, but he was in a deep sleep. I just kept working with him until he got on the side of the bed. He still couldn't open his eyes. He finally went to the bathroom. He came back and sat on the bed. I had to coax him to get him to lie down and he would instantly sit up in bed easier than any other time. He got up again and went to the bathroom and then walked through the house. After sitting down on the bed, he asked me, what I was trying to do to him. I said I'm trying to get you into the bed. Then coaxed him to lie down. Then up he came again and we reaped that a couple of times.

He then asked me where I was taking him. I said nowhere, just to bed. Then other questions: what is wrong? am I going to have to be like this the rest of my life? am I having a stroke? He talked in a low voice and demanded I answer his questions. I told him he was just confused and it was his Alzheimers. I then went over and tested his strength while he put his arms out. He thought I was trying to get him to go someplace and do something to him. Finally I got him to lie down and I put my arm around him so he could tell that I was beside him. He went to sleep.

The next morning I decided not to say anything and see what he would remember. He immediately came to me and said, " We had a problem last night. I thought you were trying to get rid of me so you could bring someone else in." This is so sad that he was hurting so bad and thought I was trying to get rid of him. I told him that anytime he is in a deep sleep, I'm not going to force him awake. I feel like this was a potentially dangerous situation. It makes me feel insecure and I don't know what else can happen in the night.
Have you heard of this before? I try not to think of it, but it's still there.


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