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September check-in
Judith L London, PhD posted:
Happy September First, Everyone.

What's happening over this Labor Day week-end? Anyone getting some time to themselves?

Hope it's nice where you are,
2010guardian responded:
Hi, Judy,

Today has been a good one. Our family had a cook-out tonight, so Labor Day will be a day of rest for us.

Ken is doing much better and seems stronger. He has been alert and verbal most of the time.

Last Tuesday, an old friend whom we haven't seen in a couple of years, came by. We had been looking forward to this visit. Tuesday morning Ken woke up feeling really draggy. He was mentally and physically slow and very sleepy. He slept until about 11:30 am when our friend got here. His mind was so slow, he could hardly talk. After lunch, he began talking a little more. When our friend left about 2:30 pm, Ken went back to sleep for the next 4 hours. I had to wake him. I'm wondering if this was psycological because of looking forward to the visit. He slept a lot the next day also, then worked out of it. His blood sugar was about 200. This is high for him.

He has been fine since then.

I hope you all have a good holiday.

davedsel57 responded:
Hello, everyone, and Happy September!

Hard to believe summer is almost over. It has been hot and dry in WNY. We'll see how the fall goes.

My dad is doing OK. Staying steady, which is a good thing. I take him out for a meal and ride at least once per week and he enjoys that very much. He is starting to make friends at the assisted living facility and that is a really good thing.

Have a blessed and super September, friends.
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Blessings, Dave
cjh1203 responded:
Hi everyone.

It's just been hot here! We had about 8-10" rain about a week ago, from Isaac, but no rain in the forecast now for a while.

We have no plans for Labor Day -- my husband is working -- so it will probably be quiet and lazy around here today!

Kathy, it's so good to hear that Ken is generally doing so much better. I wonder what has made the difference? It's too bad that he didn't feel that great when your friend was visiting.

Dave, it's just amazing that your dad continues to do so well. I'm glad that he's happy, making friends and enjoying you outings.

Hope you all have a wonderful September. Hard to believe, but we'll be talking about Halloween and Thanksgiving before too long!

2010guardian replied to cjh1203's response:
Hi Carol,

Most of our Labor Day has been quiet. This evening we were blessed with an 8 yr old granddaughter wanting to spend the night. So we picked up her sister also (12) and went to McDonalds.

I believe the main reason Ken is doing so much better is that he exercises almost every day--even when he doesn't feel like it. He's now doing 2 miles on the bike with the arm exercises with it.

I hope your September is a good one.

wildstick1 responded:
Ms. Judith,
I have being having a darned time getting answers. I have been trying to find out, why everyone thinks the alzheimer's is the leading authority on dementia, I know that they are linked in most ways but, i was wondering why people always think that they are one and the same.... Also I was wondering has anyone done any research on if dementia is contagous to other seniors in or out of nursing homes? I have talked to one person that is imployed in a nursing home and she says that she doesnot think that someone that doesnot have dementia in their family cannot get it or show any signs of dementia.... Yet I have had a senior family member go from a normal individual to a dementia pateint in a few weeks...
Please help I would like to know how this could happen?
davedsel57 replied to wildstick1's response:
Hello, Diana.

I am not Judy, but I think you would benefit by checking out the WebMD Alzheimer's Health Center here:
This will give you much if not all of the information you are looking for.

I can just quickly say that Alzheimer's is just one form of Dementia. Also, I do not believe it is at all contagious. It affects each patient uniquely - some develop symptoms quickly while in others it happens more slowly.

You may also benefit by going to the website for the Alzheimer's Association here:
Click on my user name or avatar picture to read my story.

Blessings, Dave

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