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looking for an article for the degrees of alzheimer`s
69lemans posted:
hi ! trying to find an article that would give me something to guage alzheimers,,, mild, moderate, severe. my girlfriend`s mom is what i would consider severe,,i.e. she has to be put on the tiolet and told to go, she has to be wiped after she`s done because she just doesn`t know or remember how to, needs to be fed and given liquid, needs to be given her medication, bathed. this past easter she sat in her wheelchair all day just mumbling non stop. an average joe is typing this.
cjh1203 responded:
Hello 69lemans,

It sounds as though your girlfriend's mother's Alzheimer's is fairly advanced. Here's a brief Web MD article about the stages of Alzheimer's, and another one from the Alzheimer's Association.

Is your girlfriend her only caregiver? It's a tough, tough job and I hope that the whole family is helping with her care.

It's nice of you to be concerned about your girlfriend's grandmother. You might both find an Alzheimer's Association support group to be very helpful; there are local ones in many areas.

Please feel free to post here any time, with questions or concerns. This board isn't very active right now, but someone will always respond to you.

Best wishes.


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