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what's wrong with me?
ppandey posted:
I believe my memory is absolutely fine.i can accurately recall complex organic molecules and mathematical formulas.Past education results have been absolutely fine(I cleared IIT JEE and BITSAT,the most competitive exams in India) only a few months ago.But the problem is that when I think something logical,I start thinking " how it came to my mind?","how do i remember things?","I will forget it"(though I never). For example,when i wrote 'never',I start thinking "how did my mind conclude that I had to write 'never'?","how did it store this word?". Then the anxiety begins.I think how do I remember paths.When I learn multiple topics,I get a feeling that I am losing what i have learned.When I urinate,I start thinking that what ever I learned,it will come out with the urine.Tough i am only 19 years old with absolutely fine memory,I think of Alzheimer's .I think that this is a result of being asocial.I never communicate with any person,save a few.Neither do I use a mobile phone,because I think that it will cause distraction.Due to this loss of memory feeling.I have stared developing mnemonics for everything,and they work fine.What problem do I have?
davedsel2 responded:

Unfortunately, there is no way for any of us to know what is going on in an internet message board. You need to discuss all this with your doctor. Good luck.
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cjh1203 responded:
Hello ppandey-

Dave is right that there's no way for us to know what's happening. I wonder if the anxiety might come from spending so much time by yourself and not talking to other people. Perhaps because you don't have other things to occupy your time and mind, you're focusing too much on how your brain functions and the fear that it might stop functioning properly. Nothing you've said would indicate Alzheimer's or any other type of dementia.

Rather than actually losing your memory, you seem to have a fear of losing your memory. It sounds like that is keeping you from interacting with other people, which is just as important to brain health as learning, a good diet, exercise, etc.

I actually think that the questions you ask yourself are interesting (""how did my mind conclude that I had to write 'never?""), and probably not abnormal, but I can see how they would make you feel anxious if they are constant.

Dave's suggestion of discussing this with your doctor is a good one. You might also try talking to some sort of therapist. Perhaps this is some sort of obsessive-compulsive thing.

One other thing you might try is volunteering or becoming involved with some group of people so you have some social connections. You need more than the academic part of your life in order to be mentally healthy; as with most things, balance is key.

I hope you can get some help to put your mind at ease.

Best wishes-
cjh1203 responded:
I forgot to ask: Are you under a great deal of pressure to excel academically? If you are, that is probably the root of all this, and something that counseling or therapy might help you with.

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