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When Someone With Alzheimer's Moves In With You
Judith L London, PhD posted:
What a loving and caring thing to do.There are so many things to think about that I will start with a few. Here are some ideas:

Eleven Ways to Prepare

  1. Include photos and anything important in his new room.
  2. Make sure the shower is safe add grab bars.
  3. Obtain help early - check out your community resources.
  4. Make sure you have financial and medical authorizations in place.
  5. Install tamper-free locks on all exit doors.
  6. Seniorize you home for safety.
  7. Let your friends and family know .
  8. Invite people over - don't isolate.
  9. Check out Adult Day Care in your community.
  10. Remember to exercise and take care of yourself.
  11. Join a support group or support sommunity.
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balmayne1 responded:
Hi Judy,

I have a problem and I do not know if it is related to my Alzheimer's.

Lately I have been sleeping a lot. I sit down and just fall asleep for no reason.

margaroo responded:
Hi Judy,

This is my first visit to this community. My 88 year-old mother-in-law came to live with us last October. She had previously lived with her daughter for many years, but with the progress of her Alzheimer's my mother-in-law needs were frustrating for my sister-in-law and her husband.

My MIL has the classic symptoms, and we have put in practice most of your suggestions. She is happy and pleasant, and my husband takes her for short outings almost every day. A monthly visit to my SIL's home every 4 or 5 weeks will be part of our routine.

Every day can be different, and I know that the progression of the disease can change from person to person. My MIL was given Aricept from March to December and I was wondering how discontinuing the medication would effect her.

I look forward to being part of this group. I am a member of a another community and I have met some wonderful friends and felt lucky to be part of the group.


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