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Agitation in Alzheimer's patients
cjh1203 posted:
A lot of people have posted about the Alzheimer's patients in their lives being agitated, aggressive, restless and/or irritable. I just read in the Consumer Reports Health Newsletter that listening to music may help ease those symptoms, as well as the tendency to wander.
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Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Dear Cjh,

Thanks for sharing another great suggestion! I just looked into and found some more information for folks about Music Therapy and Alzheimer's Patients . Note that in addition to soothing agitation, you may find additional benefits:

Soothing an agitated person

Sparking memories

Engaging the mind even in the disease's later stages

Improving eating in some cases

The article also discusses art therapy as well.

Hope it helps,

odtheman responded:
Thanks , he gets ag sometimes and recently has been eating alot? he is also a Diabetic and shouldn't be...eating so much

with a heart cond he shouldn't be either...

everytime I turn around he is eating something but being xmas times there is also alot of food around too.

we just got a wii game thing from his son for Xmas and he loves it was the first time got off the coach in months!!!

thanks and Merry Christmas
cjh1203 replied to odtheman's response:
My uncle never gets off the couch, either -- that's pretty interesting about the Wii game. What games does he like best? I might suggest this to our family.
odtheman replied to cjh1203's response:
well he doesn't like any of the games with alot of movement,balance etc
he likes the bowling one thinks he can still bowl and archery allthou he's not good and shakes to much ,hey he likes it right...

there is wii sport and wii resort we also got wii fit when he did that it shows over all yourbalance stamina etc it said he was like 87 he didn't like THAT.

but now he is down to>>>

have fun try it oh and he can't do it alone
pjnana21 responded:
I'm a CNA and do in home health for the last 6 months with an alzheimers patient. Music and wandering doesn't work with her. She is constantly on the move and always needs to get home to the "kids", even though she lives with her youngest daughter. She gets abusive towards her husband when he doesn't respond the way she wants him to, and some days are unbearable. The only way we can get her to settle down when it comes to "spending the night" is have her daughter go to the bedroom and call her on her cell phone and have her tell my patient (her mother) that she is at home with the kids and they are fine. She doesn't recognize her daughter at being 55..she thinks she is much younger. This disease is progressing rapidly. So sad.
cjh1203 replied to pjnana21's response:
Pjnana, my uncle was having violent episodes and his doctor prescribed Zyprexa, which has helped tremendously. It's an anti-pschotic drug and carries some risks for dementia patients, but sometimes the benefits outweigh the possible risks.

Her doctor should be able to find something to help control her abusive moods.

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