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Pregnancy or miscarriage scare???
OnlyOli posted:
I was found late last year to have a dermoid cyst inside of my left ovary. Since it was discovered my period flow has been extremely abnormal ranging from a light 3 day period to once-every-5 months heavy 6 day period. My normal period since I was 15 was extremely trackable, down to the "T" with flow and 6 days on the dot. My boyfriend and I have been having unprotected sex throughout the past few months and timing it around the days that we knew i wouldnt get pregnant. Last month we slipped up and were extremely sexually active during the entire week when i would be extremely fertile and during the ovulation period. Now, I did get my period 4 days late and in a matter of hours it ranged from a brown color to very dark red, almost black. I am scared that with the cyst it is complicating the possiblility of becoming pregnant. And with the cyst I cannot track the regularity of my periods either. Please help. Anyone have any words of advice or comments? I work two jobs so I cant rely on the fatigue to clue me in on a positive pregnancy result. My breasts are usually sore a week before I get my period. Are there any other signs that I can look for? Anything would help...thank you!
phoenixfire76 responded:
How about try a home test? If suspect you might be pregnant then try a home test with 1st morning urine. Or, if you can, see a Dr. and ask for a blood test.

Best of Luck.
OnlyOli replied to phoenixfire76's response:
I took a home test a day before my expected period and it was negative. I go my period 3 days late. Thanks for the suggestions.
phoenixfire76 replied to OnlyOli's response:
If you had a negative test and the a normal for you period then more than likely you are not pregnant. But if you are still in doubt either re-test with 1st morning urine or see a Dr.

Best of Luck.

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