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Could I Be Pregnant
An_253451 posted:
Ive Had The Implanton In My Arm For Three Years Almost But Ive Got It Tooken Out Two Months Early 08/21 and I was bleeding on the 23rd for three days only and I went to the emergency room cant remember which day but I think Friday and I was bleeding for two or three days and for a couple of days now my tities are sore. feeling heavy and lately I been feeling nausea and peeing more often and my body has been getting hot for no reason like burning up and Ive been craving and yesterday I had a really bad headache and I been passing gas more often ..ive always had back pain and mood swings but im feeling it more.. im always tired like literally tired I was wanna sleep all day sometimes and lately i'm always feeling sick ?
. I looked up my fertile day 9/1 9/21-9/23 10/13-10/15 so hopefully I have my period sometime this month and My boyfriend and I haven't been using condoms either even wen I was on bc

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