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Not sure if I'm Pregnant
sbcd83 posted:
Hello to everyone,
I have a question. I had a tubal around 3 years ago after I had my daughter. I forgot the exact name of it, but my doc made 2 small insisions (sorry if i misspell, i'm not the best speller) and I think he said that he burned the tubes, but anyway for the past 3 weeks I have had:
1. Nausea on and off (i even threw up once), but it's real strong in the morning
2. Extreme Tiredness (like I want to sleep all the time, i have no energy)
3. Headaches on and off
4. Dizziness
5. I am hungry all the time (I can eat, and feel full, and 2 hrs. later, i am starving)

I have taken a home pregnancy test , about 1 week ago, but it was negative. A few days later I believe I got my period, but I still have those symptoms . I know the chances are small that I could be pregnant because of my tubal, but what could it be?
phoenixfire76 responded:
A tubal ligation (having your tubes tied) is on of the most effective forms of birth control out there with only a .04% chance of failure. Meaning only 4 in 1000 women conceive in a year. And yes if you have a failure you are at very high risk for having an ectopic pregnancy. So if you suspect that you have become pregnant or are pregnant after a tubal you need to see a Dr. asap for medical assessment, even yes if you just had a normal for you period. Better to be safe than sorry.

Best of Luck.

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