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No bleeding after morning after pill
An_190685 posted:
Hi, my girlfriend took the morning after pill about two weeks ago and she has not bled yet. The first time she took it she said she spotted within a week or so. We're both worried b/c her next period is in about another week and a half. I know that a period can be delayed or come early due to the morning after pill, but since she took it before and it came early that time, doesn't it mean that it should come early this time again if she isn't pregnant? Or is is just a completely random thing each time due to the hormone imbalance? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
phoenixfire76 responded:
Just because she's hasn't bleed this time after taking the morning after pill doesn't mean she is or is not pregnant.

You're going to have to wait and see. If she misses her period when she expects next by more than 3-5 days then she can try a home test with 1st morning urine.

Best of Luck.

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