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My period still hasn't come?
chelc93 posted:
My period is about a month and a half late, the first test I took showed a positive result, but positive line had been faint. So I've tried more tests, and all are negative. I'm so confused. I don't know what to do. I know I should go to the doctors, but I'm only 16 and am having to wait for my mom to take me to the doctors. I've been experiencing nausea, back pains, abdominal pains. I've also been really tired, and emotional. I'm unsure of what to do at this point. If someone can help or knows what I should do I could really use their advice.
phoenixfire76 responded:
Have ALL the tests been with 1st morning urine?

If not then you could try another test this time with 1st morning urine and go from there.

How many tests are we talking?

If you had 1 positive then 3-5 (or more) tests over several days that were negative then you should still see a Dr.

Maybe you can try and find a clinic that will see you even though you are only 16.

Best of Luck.
nicoled25 responded:
It could be an ovarian cyst. I had the samething, one test that had a faint positive....all the rest were negitive. I also was very emotional tired and had nasusea, back pains and abdominal pains. So it could be something else....but either way it is good that you are going to the doctor to get checked out.
chelc93 responded:
The baby did not make it, so I will give it time. But ty everybody for all the help.
want2bamumE replied to chelc93's response:
omg u were actually pregnant!! I am so sorry for your loss (hugs)

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