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Pregnant on the pill?
msretman posted:
I've been on Lutera for around 6 months now. I have been taking it as a tri-cycle pill. I had normal periods up until January. In the beginning on February I had two weeks of bleeding, but it was not fresh blood. It was dark brown and was accompanied by tissue-esque material. I went to the doctor and they ran tests (pregnancy, pap, etc.) and everything came back normal.

Now I was supposed to start my period two weeks ago but there is no sign of it yet. I also have an increase in cervical mucus. I took a pregnancy test last week kind of just to destress since I know that can mess up your period and it came back negative. I took it at night because I was too anxious to wait, but since I was already a week late I thought that I would already have enough hormone if I was pregnant. I'm concerned because my sister's home pregnancy tests always came back negative when she was pregnant. Should I go to the doctor to get a blood test?
phoenixfire76 responded:
You can try another home 1st morning urine and if negative then go back to the Dr. and ask for a blood test.

Best of Luck.

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