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Pregnant on the depo shot??
Gemini005 posted:
The last time I had sex was on the 20th of Feb... my last period was on feb 7th... according to ovulation calendars and the doctor that was the time that I was ovulating... I got my first depo shot on the 6th of March... I was due to start my period that day or the next.... I never did.... I waited until exactly two weeks had passed since I had sex to take a pregnancy test... it was negative... I still have not had my period and have been urinating frequently right after I have had something to drink... my breast are sore which I have read could be symptom of the shot... do you think that i have a reason to be concerned?? Should I take another test??
phoenixfire76 responded:
When in doubt take a test, but I'm sure it's just from the shot. One of the many side effects of the shot is for your period to stop.

Best of Luck.

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