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Is this Possible??
An_190687 posted:
I recently had the flu and skipped a birth control pill. Due to skipping it, two days later i got my period. Since I had got my period I decided to stop taking my pill and resume with my next pack on schedule. From the time I quit my last pack and started my new one I had been off of the pill for about 11-12 days. Two days after starting my new pack my husband and I had unprotected sex. Since then I have been having lower abdominal cramps, lower back pain, mild headaches, small amounts of dizziness and just sort of feel "full" most of the time. Is it possible that being off of my pill for such an extending period of time that I ovulated and am now pregnant? (When I conceived my daughter I was only off of it for 7 days) I do not feel sick or have any strange cravings etc. However I did not have that with my daughter either. I am not due for my period for another week, and am still taking my pill. I think it would be too soon to test. Is this even possible though? Could I now be pregnant? (Please note I wouldn't mind either way, just cant stopping thinking about this.) Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!
phoenixfire76 responded:
Yes when you miss that many pills there is a chance that you could have ovulated and conceived. Though I would suggest waiting until your expected period date and *if* you miss it by more than 3-5 days then you can try a test with 1st morning urine.

Best of Luck.

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