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Did I have implantation bleeding or mid cycle bleeding?
dkmomma09 posted:
Ok here is my story. I have PCOS, but have had testing down & I am fertile as well as DH. I have a period usually for 6 to 7 days at a time and inbetween periods it is 5 to 6 weeks.
Ok I had a period on Feb 5th to Feb 11th. Then I had bleeding on Feb 20th to Feb 22nd. Very light, clotty, brownish. My usual is very heavy & I take prescribe meds for the cramping, the last one I didn't even feel cramping. I actually feeling great during those 2 days.
It is now April 14th(day 51 since 2 day bleeding), my average period is 41 days. I have been crampy for the last 2 weeks, moody, can't sleep very well, tender boobs(not today tho), very bloated, frequent peeing, hurting bladder as soon as I wake....anyway...
questions are... did I have implantion bleeding or mid cycle bleeding, or possible miscarriage, or could I be pregnant? I took my last test on Friday April 9th it was negative. The sensitivity of the test was 25 mIU. Should I go get another one. Wld it have showed up on friday april 9th if I was? When should I retest or should I even. Please help me out.
phoenixfire76 responded:
If you haven't re-tested since the 9th re-test asap with 1st morning urine or see a Dr. for a blood test.

Best of Luck.

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