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is it even possible? preg question
shadowsilencer posted:
ok long story short date of starting last period march 31 ( on bc)ended up in hospital last day of my placebos for heavy bleeding, doctor proscribed Provera 10 mg for 5 days. after taking those. I waited a day, next day called nurse to confirm if i should take bc still, got the yess and that to take 2 cause of teh missed day. had sex that morning no protection ( btw i look like this now --> >XO)) late taking birth control by 3 hours making it the next day.. checked my fertility calendar if i ovulated i was most fertile on that day... is it possible?? been feeling under the weather...i know its slim to none but i have the worst luck imaginable... and had spotting yesterday. -facedesk- any ideas? im worried my bc is on the X list no goodfor baby if there is one....
phoenixfire76 responded:
You're probably fine, but *if* you miss your next expected period by more than 3-5 days then you can do a home test with 1st morning urine.

Best of Luck.

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