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I need to know about this.
princess100584 posted:
O.k. I got a Tubal Ligation over three years ago. I was told that I would never be able to conceive again, unless I got invetro, or I got the operation "undone". I was told that it was erriversable before it was done. And now I am having "all day" sickness, tiredness and all the other signs of pregnancy, but every test that I have taken comes up negative. Is there a way that I could be pregnant? I was also told that if it was a tubal pregnancy it would show up on an at home test?
phoenixfire76 responded:
The chances of becoming pregnant after a tubal is .04% or 4 in 1000 women a year. So there is a very small chance of you getting pregnant and yes if you did you would be at a high risk of having a ectopic pregnancy. Though I would say that since you have had repeated negatives then more than likely that you are not pregnant. Though if you are still in doubt you could always see a Dr. and ask for a blood test and/or ultrasound.

Best of Luck.
princess100584 replied to phoenixfire76's response:
Thanks phoenix, I had an ultra sound done and the dr. said that I needed to have a DnC and yeah i got it done, but doesn't a DnC mean that I was pregnant or does it mean something else?
phoenixfire76 replied to princess100584's response:
It could have meant you were pregnant and miscarried, therefore needed a D&C. Or it could have been something else. What did your Dr. say. If it were me I would want to know why. So I would ask your Dr. and not let up until you get an answer.

Best of Luck.

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