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How likely is it that I'm pregnant?
flutingthroughlife posted:
I'm 19 and I just started going out with this guy that I've been talking to online for about 2 months. A little over a week ago, we were messing around and he got some precum on his fingers. I... cleaned them off for him, and then he put them inside me. This is the first "sexual" experience I've ever had with someone before, so I'm really scared that I might be pregnant. My last period was Oct. 27, and this happened on Nov. 4, so I'm almost positive that I wasn't ovulating. (My period is pretty regular) But, since I was his first "sexual" partner too, he got scared as well, so we go some Plan B the next day just in case...

Did we overreact? Is it possible that I might be pregnant anyway? One of the side effects of Plan B is having a later period, so how will I know if my late period is because of the pill and not because I'm pregnant?

I'm really scared right now. Help?

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