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I'm worried.
An_190707 posted:
I started my period in the afternoon on Thursday, April 8. It ended completely by Monday, April 11. On Wednesday, April 13, I was with my boyfriend. He entered me, but never ejaculated or came close to it. We weren't using protection of any kind.

Being the worrier that I am, I'm trying to figure out what my chances are of being pregnant. I've been looking around on the internet, and most sites I've seen have said that I was still in the infertile pre-ovulatory phase of my menstrual cycle.

This, coupled with the fact that he never ejaculated in me, has calmed my nerves a little bit, but since there's still about 20 days until my next period, I know I won't know for certain for a good long while.

After having read this, can anyone provide their opinion on the likelihood that I could be pregnant?

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