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birth control and pregnancy
An_190710 posted:
I am on the pill and take it as required, I have not missed or been late on any. I always start my period on the 3rd day of the white (placebo) pills, but I am now on day 7 of them and still have not started my period. I took a pregnancy test and came back negative.

My cycle without birth control is generally more like 32-35 days, and on the pill it is much shorter. The EPT tests all say you should get a positive result if pregnant from the first day of your missed period.

So my question is this. Would I go off the number of days my cycle is on or off birth control? because according to my cycle on birth control I am 4 days late, but the test is negative. Where as without the birth control I do have much longer regular cycles, So should I wait till I am late according to my regular body cycle before taking another test? I dont want to take them everyday, but I also dont want to go to the dr just for a test.
mck08 responded:
Im having the same problem right now!!!

Everything is exactly the same for me, except idk what my days were since i am off the pill now. I had a period over a month ago(it was my regular one) then 2 weeks later I had another one. and since then I haven't had one, and its been about 5 weeks now, almost 6, well of if I was on birth control Id be late right now, and i've taken a test and it came back negative. I don't know what to do either, I've set up an appt, with my ob-gyn. I would do that too, if i were you.

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