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Symptoms?! 6-8dpo
wan2bmommi posted:
Hey ladies,

I am in my 3rd month TTC. I have paid no attention to any symptoms this month and have tried very hard not to read into anything. Today I went about my day like normal and a couple hours after getting up I got VERY nauseous and nearly threw up. I had to sit very still next to a garbage can. I have been really tired for awhile now, but I am blaming it on my busy schedule. I can easily sleep 10-11 hours at night and still take a 2-3hr nap. Today when I was laying down I felt some tugging/pulling sensations near my belly button. Never felt this before. I have been stuffy and sneezing all day too, but I had a cold a couple weeks ago. Any thoughts? Have any of you experienced this and then got your BFP? If so, when did you test? My af is due between the 8-10th of Nov. Today is the 2nd.

segadelli24 responded:
With my son we were not trying I got a BFP when I was four days late ... with my daughter we tried very hard for four months , I started feeling tired and going to bed at 8pm four days before my expected period and having weird cravings ,,,,,, I tested and got a pregnant on the digital three days before AF was due if you know when you ovulated I would wait till close to when AF is due or at least two weeks past ovulation some women test 10 days and get a positive , i have been "feeling" pregnant as I am trying for number three and am about roughly ten days past when i should of ovulated , I have been extremely tired nauseated off and on bloated way more than usual I actually bent over and the button on my jeans popped open LOL my nipples are much darker than usual a lot of symptoms from my last two pregnancies and well after two kids you know that I feel pregnant feeling LOL but so far two negative tests AF is still 5 days away so I am just waiting and waiting and yes it sucks so i say test if it makes you happy but make sure you re test if your period doesn't show or is irregular if you receive a negative it really depends upon when implantation occurred and there is no way to figure that out

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