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Month one baby number three TTC
segadelli24 posted:
So with my son he was a welcome little surprise and is know 4 my daughter was major baby fever and I tried hard for four months to conceive her , I freaked out every time I had AF and on month three with her I was in tears , LOL which seems silly know she is 19 months old.
So here I am one more final time trying with hubby for baby number three I told myself I would take my time and it really didn't matter when I got pregnant , .... so why is it I am five days away from AF and find myself combing over every feeling wondering if I am pregnant and hoping I am and trying to tell myself I will not be disappointed this time if I am not .... LOL ..... any suggestions , is there really a women on this earth who has her whole heart into getting pregnant , that really doesn't always have it in the back of her mind and becomes consumed by it at some point

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