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Am I really pregnant?
thearts31 posted:
I have had a tubal for 5yrs however I had a baby seven wks ago. Im having preg symtoms and had 6 positive home test as well as a blood test which showed low HCG levels. I had an ultrasound and vaginal exam that was inconclusive. My Doc is not sure what is going on. I have started bleeding however my preg test is still positive. Can I really be pregnant and it's just to soon to know for sure? My Doc said he thinks it's left over placenta that's the problem. Is that posible after almost 8wks?
segadelli24 responded:
First of all it is possible to get pregnant right after giving birth we would like to think mother nature would throw us a break but it doesn't , we are ready the moment that baby leaves our womb , this is unfortunately why you see so many kids 11 months apart can even ovulate without getting a period , first of all have you and your partner been having sex yet? you are typically supposed to wait 6wks before doing so , if you have not had intercourse yet then yes you r fine , if you have had intercourse and did not use protection then there is a chance of pregnancy. As far as the placenta thing goes I am not sure you have to trust the doctor on that one and if you don't feel hes giving you the right answer trust yourself and seek a new doctor , I would think a ultrasound would know for sure .... best of luck

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