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    Excessive Blushing..please help me!
    PrettyBabyK posted:
    I am super embarrassed by my blushing problem. Before it was kinda cute and now its out of control. I blush so often that Ive begun to exclude myself from situations that require me to communicate with people in the simplest conversations. Even my job has begun to suffer from my blushing problem. Ive stopped conversing with people who I might blush in front of, sometimes I just dont talk period. This is really an issue because almost a year ago I was perfectly fine, I had tons of friends, boyfriends...I was working a great job interacting with people and now all those things seem to have disappeared as my blushing got worse. For example I used to love to flirt with attractive guys that would come in to my work and flirt with me, now if I see an attractive guy I can't look him in the eye, I can't even speak to him without my face, my ears, my entire head just burning from the blushing. Its so incredibly embarrasing that now my life is suffering from this condition. Here's a few more examples of the problems its causing in my life: when i speak to even my family i start blushing then i start fidgeting and i get embarrassed that Im blushing so I get up and walk around and i cant look them in the face and then i look really stupid or like im lieing when im not, when a hot guy comes in and makes a flirtatious comment to me I turn red and my face gets hot i cant look at him i just look down and i get really flustered and make a fool of myself and I never ever used to do that i could easily make a comment back no problem, i cant speak to coworkers without turning red, i cant speak to friends without turning red, if i get confronted for any reason like for a work correction or a displeased client i turn red and my heart pounds...its caused such a problem that sometimes I would rather stay home and be bored than go out and humiliate myself by blushing so bad that i look like an ass. Its the only thing that I hate about myself. Im not sure what it is exactly that causes it, and thats what im trying to figure out so i can discover how to stop it and live my life normally as i had no less than 9 months before. I know im not depressed because even despite my condition im an extremely happy person...but i think i may have anxiety because sometimes my heart pounds alot when i turn red, and once i was talking to someone and i turned all hot and red, and my heart was pounding and i was shaking like i had too much caffeine. It was intense. I just want this to stop, Im not sure what to do but its ruining my life...every aspect of it and Im at my wits end already and Im so desperate to have some normalcy back in my life...please someone help me!!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely Desperate, Kamryn Taylor-Reed
    garvin responded:
    know this must be difficult for you.

    guess my recommendation would be to simply keep talking through the other words, you're in a situaiton where you start to thought is that if you *kept* talking, the blush would fade away in 60 or 70 seconds. Its like starting to cry at a work meeting...if you can talk through it for a couple of minutes, it tends to dissapate.
    desertcutie responded:
    Hello. Sorry you're going through this. I know how difficult it can be. There are more posts about this and if you click on more posts by desertcutie you will see you are not alone! Take care! I tried to copy and paste my previous post but it didn't work so hope you can click on more posts by me!
    markhannah62 responded:
    I read your post and I swear it is as if I wrote it. Just replace hot guy with hot woman ect.

    I have just started to try a pill (eredicane) for it because it is just way out of control. I even purchased a cd I listen to on my way to work.

    I just do not understand, I blush in front of everyone. My family, friends, social situations.

    Please send me your email address mine is maybe we can help each other.
    Dr_Patricia_Farrell responded:
    Excessive blushing usually indicates discomfort in a social situation and one of the way you can help yourself is to prepare. You prepare, every day, by using relaxation breathing and telling yourself that you will relax, it's going to be okay and just not putting too much pressure on yourself. Give this a try and do it every morning and each time you are going to be talking to someone. Do it before hand because that will allow your body to relax and then let yourself know it's "out of the plane time" and you'll do okay. Remember, people want to interact with you and you, obviously, do enjoy it, too, but you need a little help. Are you on any BC pills right now? Sometimes, meds can cause this type of reaction, too.
    jmc2231 responded:
    Hi Kamryn! First off, I can't say that I blush excessively but I do tend to blush in many situations. In the beginning I did the same thing you did, I would avoid talking to people and when I had no choice and I could feel the red coming on I would fidget, get really flustered, and eventually walk away from the situation...sometimes mid-sentence. Then I just started to think about it in a different way...why do I care? I know I'm turning red, I know that they know I'm turning red, but I also know it's going to stop; it's just a physiological response to an emotion (nervous, anxious, sometimes even happiness). I know it's hard, extremely embarrassing, and uncomfortable, but if you just continue on the conversation nothing bad will happen and you will resume to your regular self. For me, it usually takes a minute or two, and sometimes the person I was talking to has come and gone. But I will say when I do continue on and my blushing subsides I feel like I beat it! It proves to me that nothing bad will happen and it gives me the courage to just let it happen.

    I hope this help and best wishes!
    EMK33 responded:
    It sounds like you have social anxiety disorder that is perpetuated by your excessive/fear of blushing. There are a couple of things you can try so don't fret. You can try cognitive behavior therapy which focuses on "re-wiring" your brain's response to certain situations. This takes some time and commitment. There are anti-anxiety meds that will reduce your anxiety in these situations but they do not necessarily attack the underlying problem in the long term. Also, there are laser treatment therapies that help to reduce facial flushing, but you need to speak to a dermatologist about this.

    I really hope this helps you and that you find a problem to this strangely debilitating condition.
    1summergirl responded:
    I can sympathize with you, I experience the same thing maybe not quite as much. However, I still experience it and you're right, it's a total embarrassment. I've gone so far to ask a dermatologist about it, he recommended spraying an nasal antihistamine on the area. Believe it or not, it works! My redness is mainly on my neck and chest area, so it can be concealed with clothing when the antihistamine isn't available. The challenge that I find is that when I'm confronted with a situation and I haven't had time to "prepare or hide" myself with the antihistamine or clothing. When this occurs, I just have to work my way through it. Most times, I notice people staring at my neck and some people even ask if I'm okay which seems to escalate my redness. Lucky me! It's not a mind over matter situation like others may say, it just happens. Anyway, I hope this helps! I searched high and low for other people with similar symptoms with no luck, so I felt compelled to write to you. Just a helpful hint, the prescription antihistamines work the best, such as Astelin. There's no odor or anything, just spray it on and viola, no redness. Good luck!
    alimac64 responded:
    I was wondering if you have have been to a doctor and had any blood work done? Sometimes blushing can be flushing and that coupled with a heart pounding can be symptoms of an a variety of underlining conditions. For example, a carcinoid tumor emits chemicals that make a face flush and a heart pound often when confronted with a stressful situation. I think it is commanly misdiagnosed since most doctors don't check for it initially as a lot of other conditions and social settings can cause the problem you have been having. Carcinoids are really treatable if caught early. It may not be - better safe than sorry! And, since everyone is commenting on the social result of your issue, why not look at it from a medical stand point? Good luck!
    bh1231985 responded:
    you know, this is so weird that i stumbled across this post. i have been going through the exact same thing! i just thought i was weird. it really happens when i am afraid i am going to blush; therefore, i do blush because i am thinking about it. lol. it's the weirdest thing and so embarrassing. i get so red and so hot that i sweat and i get even more self concious because i know it's visible. sometimes, i even pretend to start coughing so that it will give me an excuse to be red. pathetic, i know, but it works. it really just comes and goes. i'm just glad to see that i'm not alone in this weirdness.
    OUSooners2005 responded:
    I just wanted to comment as someone who is not really a blusher-- most of the time, the person you are talking to will not notice that you are turning red. I know that will be hard for you to believe, since you already have this excessive fear of it, but honestly, I don't even notice if someone is blushing. And, as others have pointed out, it will fade in a minute or two. Perhaps you could find a good cogntiive-behavioral counselor who could help you get used to the idea that blushing is not the end of the world! CBT can do wonders for that sort of problem. You don't actually need to stop blushing-- you just need to become okay with it! Easier said that done, I realize, which is why you probably need some help.
    cf1977 responded:
    I too suffer from this, regardless of who I'm around. Work is the worst.. I've asked a couple of my doctors about this and they have told me a variety of different possible causes, but the main thing that seems to pop up is anxiety/stress. I've suffered from this for years and none of my siblings/immediate family have this problem. Aside from the physical reaction though, you are describing what sounds like a bit of a panic reaction. If you have a good grasp on when this started affecting you, can you list what things changed in your life around that time? Did you start or stop any medications, become ill/healthy, move or change your environment? Did your diet change significantly? Though I'm not certain, but maybe even changing detergents or anything else that comes directly in contact with your skin may be causing some sort of histamine response. I'm not saying to post the whole list here - but it's something to think about. Maybe it would help to see what changed? Also - if you don't mind my asking, how old are you? This could be some sort of biochemical change. I consider myself to be shy because of this problem - but others describe me as far from shy. Though it's a bit cliche - try not to be so hard on yourself. You sound kind and energetic - two traits that transcend blushing.
    mam41370 responded:
    Hi Kamryn,

    I could have written the same exact post (except for the hot guys part) because I had the exact problem ? getting embarrassed and my face turning red in the most normal situations and/or conversations. Then, when you feel yourself turning red, it just compounds the problem so you get redder, and so on and so on. You (we) have what?s called social anxiety disorder or generalized anxiety disorder. You can read about it on WebMD. Several years ago I went to a Psychologist and did the whole ?behavioral therapy? because I didn?t want to take medication. Trust me; it?s a waste of time. You can?t treat it like letting someone hold a snake who has a phobia about snakes. After putting up with it for years, I finally went to a Psychiatrist last year, who prescribed Effexor XR, which you usually hear being prescribed for depression but they have found that it also works on generalized anxiety disorder. It changed my life in less than a week. The only way I can describe the effects is - in the usual situation that you know you would start to turn red, it would only last about ? second and a degree of 1 on a scale of 1-10. There have been some times, but very few situations, where the redness was stronger or lasted longer but never to the degree as before. Additionally, the medication makes you have an attitude of ? ?oh well, no big deal? when those very few situations do come up. So make an appointment with a Psychiatrist, because only they can prescribe medication, and talk with them about getting on some medication for your symptoms. The only thing that sucks about it is that you feel like you?ll have to take medication for the rest of your life but it?s better than living without it too!
    AngelaG5104 responded:
    I have had the same problem for years. I find that if I don't know someone very well or if they're intimidating (aggresive personality, cute guys...etc) I will blush. When I first started my job I constantly avoided people as well. So I started forcing myself to talk to people and if I blushed, I blushed. Sometimes I get comments like "your face is red" or "why are you blushing" but it doesn't happen very often and I've learned to come up with some good excuses. But noone has ever stopped talking to me because I blush. I have found that the more I talk to someone and get to know them the less I will blush. After a while I found that I stopped worrying about it and since then I don't blush nearly as much. I did a lot of research on this a while ago and found that for a lot of people it is an overreaction of the sympathetic nervous system. Read this website:

    Hope this helps
    happygiant39 responded:
    :silly grin: your blushing is cute wish you blushed for me may be it has to do with your hormones

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