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    Constant Uneasy Nervous Stomach
    dianavon posted:
    Feelings of Fear, nervousness, jumpy and Scared. Don't know why, just wake with it and it stays all day..........been struggling for a few years but don't like medication cuz it makes it worse. I just want it to go away and let me have peace..........I have done a little therapy, have xanax for emergency use only (but won't take it)read self help books, tried breathing exercises, you name it and I think I have atleast given it a try...........I just feel exhausted and wish I could find out what makes me feel so uneasy and scared. I have aging parents who need lots of attention and I feel sad for them and I do worry about them and I do feel guilty that I haven't done more but I know I could never take care of them in my home - I wouldn't survive - they need round the clock attention! Am I so consumed with their problems and don't want that to happen to me????? That's what I kinda think it is but why can't I be stronger? Am I the only one who has this feeling of not doing enough for their parents? I have three grown children and 4 Grandbabies and a busy life helping my family which I adore and love. I need to be well for them and myself!
    AleKzande responded:
    I have the same uneasy,unsafe,somewhat panicky feeling as well. I have to fight it mentally all day. I tried the meds to and they made it worse. You feel helpless about it at times.
    dianavon responded:
    Thanks for your reply. I wish I knew the answer to making this anxiety a thing of the past! Everyday it pops it's ugly head up and I have to try and deal with it the best I can.
    asellus_nz responded:
    I have this, sometimes it gets so bad I have what I call a "meltdown". It's when I can't eat because my stomach knots up and I feel sick. I withdraw and just want to stay in my room all day and feel tired. I have found the best help comes from seeing a herbalist and dietician. I found out that there is not one thing that cures it, but you have to look at Anxiety, mood, diet and thought processes are all inter-connected with the stomach and nervous system.

    I use a combination of these things that keeps the worst at bay:

    General: Carbohydrates play havoc with your blood sugar and mood. Avoid or minimise alcohol,coffee, potatoes, pastries, burgers, chips. fat, fizzy drinks. avoid big meals , eat small heatlthy snacks regularly throughout the day.Eat plenty of fruit and veg, eat foods high in micro nutrients (google which ones they are, but from memory almonds. walnuts, some beans and lentils etc, spinach. leafs etc These are good at feeding the brain Eat breakfast, dont have cereal everyday, but have beans on toast etc some days.It is high in protein. Start the day with a glass of water and lemon juice it stimulates your body to eat. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to minimise de-hydration which can lead to panic.

    Use Bach flowers to stem negative thoughts and feelings of helplessness, health food shops will make them up for you. just tell them what feelings you have

    Buy natural health products that are good at soothing the nervous system, containing valerian, hops , chamomile tea. B vitamins are good for easing stress.

    Relax before going to bed, drink chamonile tea, dont get hyped out before going to bed or your sleep will be of bad quality.
    Dr_Patricia_Farrell responded:
    You may be over-extending yourself and need a bit of time off just to kick back and enjoy somethings just for you. Certainly, you are doing what you can for your parents and I can understand that you'd like to do more, but you can't. There are limits to everyone's ability to do all the things they'd like to do and try to deal with all the demands in their daily life. I don't think it's a question of being stronger. There are limits, as I said, and that's one thing you have to come to terms with right now. It looks like you are trying to help yourself, but I'm wondering if some lifestyle changes aren't in order. When do you get some time off?
    dianavon responded:
    Thank you for your reply, Dr. Farrell. I think I take time for myself when needed - my issue seems to be with anxiety and fear - just can't figure what I am scare of. I did have a horrible time dealing with my parents and the guilt that came with not taking them into my home but they are in an Assisted Living Home and being well taken care of but it's not the same as living with one of their children.... to them. Now that they are settled I still have the anxiety that I deal with and it comes and goes by degree not totally away. It is a frightening feeling and I become very fragile.....kinda lose confidence in myself. I try to accept it and treat it as JUST a sensation and it will go away. I actually start quivering and feel butterflies in my stomach which makes me more aware of the anxiety. I was given a prescription of Buspar by my MD but haven't filled it - don'l like meds and their probable side effects. (Gives me more anxious feelings)
    Dr_Patricia_Farrell responded:
    I understand and I can understand the feeling you have about wanting to do more for your parents. Sometimes our wish to be more than is humanly possible for the people we love can be very upsetting. You are doing the best you can given the circumstances and you don't have any reason to feel guilty, but it's something you can work on. Get yourself out for some exercise. You would be surprised at what we're finding out now about how effective exercise can be for more things than we ever dreamed. See if it doesn't help a bit. I hope things do improve for you very soon and that you have a good holiday and a better new year.
    reelwild75 responded:
    hello i am a 36 year old firefighter who has the exact symptoms. it has just become the norm.. i wanted to tell you to talk to GOD and ask him for help he is there and loves you.. it does help .
    An_256415 responded:
    I have exactly the same thing. I am 50. Similar happened when I was 40. Anti-depressants for around 6 or 7 months got me through this difficult time. I don't know if this is going to be every decade for me (I have been fine until now for the last 10 years). I suspect the antidepressants would work again, but am trying not to go there for now.
    I really sympathize with the aging parents dilemma. Mine seemed to cope so gracefully with theirs, and like you, I feel like I can barely cope even though my mother is in a great retirement home. I agree, it is more to do with the guilt. We are a generation much more in touch with our emotions than they were. Perhaps this is not a good thing, as I find it incredibly depressing to look at the state my mother is in (physically incapacitated with some dementia) and imagine myself in her shoes 30 years from now. I think in her day, they just got on with it and didn't give those kind of indulgent thoughts any voice.
    Irrational financial fears also get me down. I find myself obsessing about the markets, real estate, etc. That and the parent guilt definitely takes me to the point of tearfulness and huge anxiety which curbs my appetite and gives me permanent butterflies and sleepless nights.
    Which compounds my feelings of guilt, since I am very fortunate in most aspects of my life!!

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