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burning sensations
aynozwh posted:
have anyone ever had a burning sensation on your skin on in your skin it burns like crazy, or like when you have fever ,crawling all over your body and feel like your nerves is doing all sort of things. feel aches an pain in your joints,on your skin your eyes hurt you like how the flu symptoms feels, i dont have flu but thats how it feels. my mouth will get dry or extra sensitive and have a funny taste,i have gas problem, it always seem as if i can feel air moving in my body. when this happens my sinus is through the roof. muscle twitching. anyone
Claire89 responded:
This can happen when nerves are being pressed upon and causing damage. For example if a person is suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, there is tingling and a burning feeling in the arms. It can happen in other areas of the body too where a nerve is being exposed to too much pressure.

Another cause is a migraine that can make a burning and tingling sensation in the face and can make a person feel tingly and/or ill all over.

If your sinuses are causing you problems, you need to go to an ear nose and throat specialist to get them healed. And you need to go to a dentist to get your teeth checked out. Both of these things. Sinus infections can cause problems in the roots of the teeth - infections - that can drain into the mouth and cause a funny taste. And a leaking and infected tooth can cause sinus problems.

Anxiety can cause a metallic taste to occur in the mouth. This is one of the side effects of adrenalin.

- Claire
Ronni_Jo responded:
In 2003 I started waking up during the middle of the night with a burning sensation under my skin that felt like a severe sunburn. It would start in my head and work it's way thru my entire body almost like I had been injected with the dye they use when having a CT scan done. I would also have dry heaves without vomiting and then next a panic attack would follow. I have had numerous tests done and my neuro doc tells me it is either anxiety or some sort of nocturnal seizures. I take cymbalta and clonopin at night and that helps for the most part except when it's closer to that time of the month. Seems like all my hormones make it act up more. I hope this helps you as the burning is the thing that bothers me the most and I am not sure why it only happens during the middle of the night and wakes me up. If the burning would subside I feel like I could talk myself through the anxiety itself. Take care and keep your chin up...
anxieux responded:

I've experienced that kind of sensations. It often starts in my feet/legs, and it's like my blood is boiling. Sometimes have it in my head or any part of my body. When that happens, it's like if i'm in fire from the inside. My mouth is very dry, can be from the anxiety ? My doctor told me he doesn't know what it can be, said it's surely the stress. Just hope it il pass soon because I hate that sensation and I always fear to have something serious.
Claire89 responded:
What you describe is consistent with being around insecticides or perhaps around chrysanthemums (pyrethrum). You complain of skin, eye, sinus and GI problems and joint pain - that is definitely insecticide contamination.

Or is someone cooking meth near you?

- Claire

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