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Help! Feeling like something is stuck in my throat / esophogus/ towards my back
mbrown2010 posted:

I am new here and came across this forum as I was searching my symptoms. I hope someone can help me.

About a little over a week ago, after I ate lunch, I got the feeling like something was stuck in my throat. It didnt feel like food was stuck, just a discomfort like air was being blocked, or like the feeling I am about to burp but there is no burp coming. I have felt this way constantly, since that time. It doesnt feel any more or less when I eat. I sometimes feel it towards my back, in my upper spine area.

I went to an ENT who referred me to a GI who did an endoscopy. The endoscopy didnt show much and he just figured it was irritation. He gave me an RX for Carafate, which is this thick liquid that is supposed to soothe the esophogus. It hasnt seemed to help me.

This is a constant discomfort that is really affecting my peace of mind now. It is hard to fall asleep, even if I am exhausted, because I am in so much discomfort. I woke up very early today even though I was exhausted, because of this feeling.

During my searches online I have found Laryngopharyngeal Reflux and Globus Hystericus as conditions that seem to portray symptoms that I am feeling. I am going back to my ENT tomorrow to discuss this with him. Hopefully he can do some more tests so I can figure out what this is and get it relieved.

Has anyone ever felt this way? I have suffered from anxiety in the past and I have been through a lot in the past 6 weeks, but I do not have anxiety symptoms (such as heart beating fast, shortness of breath) while I have been feeling this throat discomfort.

Any insight on this would be great.

Thank you!
HaleysDaddy responded:
The throat sensation is of course an occasional symptom of anxiety/panic so that is possible; however, based on your description it does sound like something could be affecting you physically. I would say to see the doctor again and make sure that something wasn't missed.
Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
It certainly can be brought on by anxiety and I'm sure your ENT doc will tell you that. I would think that some relaxation exercises might help you because it could also be a bit of panic. Have you tried relaxation breathing or mild exercise? Does it go away when you're occupied with something? Give it some thought as to when it is most obvious. It may help to find a solution if you keep track of it.

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