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    Includes Expert Content
    Could these be physical effects of anxiety?
    ravenm721 posted:
    ?palpitations for 3 years
    ?head zaps/electrical shock feeling in my head for 1 month

    ?fast heart rate and pulsing whenever I look forward to something such as my favorite show coming on or get shocked of something so stupid such as my alarm clock ringing for school

    ?pressure/clot like like feeling in my head whenever I'm sitting still doing nothing

    ?difficulty swallowing/ feeling like their is something stuck in my throat whenever I swallow

    All of these symptoms make me feel unextremely uncomfortable..

    My mom is going to find me a psychologist,hopefully. But, I've tried everything. I've tried just about every remedy in the book: breathing routines, drinking 1 tsp of honey w/ water, taking kava kava medicine and tea, and tried magnesium for my palpitations. I'm 18 now and these problems are ruining my life. I visited my peditrician 2 times about my head zaps and he prescribed me on pain relievers (Ibuprofen & Aleve) twice...last time I checked my head zaps has NEVER caused me any sort of headaches; I don't think he even knew what I was talking about.It makes me upset when no one in my surroundings understands these symptoms that I have been experiencing..

    I've endured palpitations every time I rest for 3 years and it has gotten worst since the end of last July..the symptoms just keep adding up. My parents are scared to put me on meds. because they think it might mess me up, some how. But, I don't care..I'll take anything just to get back to normal.

    Should I go visit a psychologist? If so, how would they help me?Will they prescribe me on a medication? I do not have too many reasons for why I have gotten these symptoms in the first place..besides being an introvert and holding in a lot of my feelings- especially anger + hating the highschool that I go too.
    Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
    At this point, it's not possible to know what the psychologist will recommend for you, but I don't think it's probable that they would prescribe any medication because, in most states, psychologists do not have prescription privileges. If the psychologist lives in a state where nurses are given prescription privileges and the psychologist has gotten an additional APN (Advanced Practice Nurse) degree, they may be able to prescribe. But in most cases prescriptions are handled by either your regular physician or a psychiatrist.

    The psychologist, I am sure, will want to do an evaluation and then make some recommendations as to how a course of treatment will proceed. There may be some homework lessons, some relaxation techniques, or even some biofeedback that could be done. All of this depends on the psychologist's in your rear of expertise and training.
    mherin89 responded:
    Hi I just want you to know that you are not alone I have these exact same symptoms that I have been struggling with every day for the past 3 months. I know exactly what you mean when you say head zaps, I get them every day. I also get really lightheaded and my hands tremble because I'm so scared of whats goin on with my body. I don't know why I feel like this because I don't really have any reason to either. I just started seeing a psychologist for it so hopefully I figure out whats going on..
    ravenm721 replied to Patricia Farrell, PhD's response:
    Thanks for differentiating between the two. I've thoroughly talked this idea over with my parents and I have decided to go see a psychologist, instead.
    ravenm721 replied to mherin89's response:
    Thanks for posting. It really makes a difference to me to know that someone else out there is going through the same symptoms. Like you, the head zaps make me feel lightheaded too. I also plan to make a trip to a psychologist sometime soon,myself.

    I wish you the best of luck with overcoming this issue, by the way. Hopefully, we will be cured back to normal really soon after seeing a psychologist..
    HungryForFreedom responded:
    Your not alone! I am a eighteen yr old girl going through thee exact same thing. I just recently graduated high school and its aweful to be so young and be dealing with this. Ive had anxiety for about two years and just this year started dealing with panic attacks. They feel like your stuck in a bad trip. My symptoms consist of fast heart beat which makes me check my pulse all day long. Sweating of hands that has created blisters. closed in feeling. tunnel vision.absolute terror. A good thing to do is get an ice cube n hold it on the skin where your hand n lower arm meet. hold till it melts the sensation it gives you takes away from the thought. it feels painful n your arm will numb but dont worry its just ice. thats a really good trick to use. Also try taking a yoga class. Meditation also helps. I just recently got so tired of this aweful disorder that i went to get help. my dr put me on zoloft its only my fourth day on it so lets see how it goes..your really NOT ALONE!! please feel free to contact
    ravenm721 replied to HungryForFreedom's response:
    Hi, sorry for the late reply. I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing similar problems though; these symptoms are no joke to deal with. Like you I decided to get help, and I was put on Lexopro, instead. Today will be my first day taking it though.

    Now that it's been two months later, has zoloft relieved any of your symptoms yet?
    HungryForFreedom replied to ravenm721's response:
    @Raven...Havent responded for a long are you doing with your anxiety? is the lexapro helping?

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