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what do i do
jenavive27 posted:
hello everyone, i am just posting cause i am freaking out more than i should. it all started when i had a 6 and a half hour long panic attack, i thought i was dieing so i went in. after for about 2 months i had little panic attacks and had no idea what to do.

now i feel worse than ever. for the past two weeks my throat has had the feeling of something lodged in it, i feel dizzy, im fatigued, and now i feel like if i close my eye's i wont wake up.

i've gone into the doctor 4 times in the past 2 weeks cause of this, and they keep telling me in overreacting. im scared and i don't know what to do.
earlier today i went in cause my throat was bothering me so much, and as i was waiting to get x-rays done i started to feel really wierd on the inside. it felt like i was dieing, and everything was failing on me, i also felt a little hyperventalated and i actually felt as if i might die. i had a passing out feeling and i was shakey and my head felt really warm and feverish. it wasn't like any panic attack i ever had, i actually had a known feeling that death was eminant.

they told me they didn't know what was wrong, and if it get worse i need to check it out, but my dad is already getting mad at me cause ive gone in so much. im frightened, and scared and i don't know what to do. also on the way home from the hospital i was'nt paying enough attention and the person in front of me stopped really fast and i couldnt stop in time. i was looking at the road but i was having one of my out of body experience's. i followed the person and we stopped and we both looked at the truck and it barely had a scratch on it, and it had a really small ding where you had to look to actually see it. my car however is completly a mess, it still runs, but since i went up under his truck my hood is dented and my left headlight is completly smashed. i gave him my number and he called me. 694 dollars to fic what happened to his truck, its actually his companies truck that he works for, i told them i have no job and i barely have any money whats so ever, and he asked for my insurances name. i didn't give it to him cause i don't know what it is.

he asked for me to call on tuesday. but im scared i don't know what to do.i got home and when i tried to lay down my back had the heart attack feeling you get with panic attacks and when i would almost be asleep i felt like it turned into one, then i would wake up and it would be gone.
i was scared so i asked my dad what i should do, and he blew up on me and told me "f*** you, screw you" and "you have no idea what stress is, you have no idea what back pain is" and then threatened to kick me out if i didn't clean up what he made a mess in the kitchen.

i am only 19 and people who are 19 years old shouldn't be feeling like this. im scared my hearts going to fail on me, and that whenever i go to sleep and close my eyes they won't open ever again. also about 2 weeks ago we came home from vacation and i ate off a plate that was in our drying rack and i microwaves food on it, and when i was done i noticed there were mouse droppings on th plate. i immediantly threw up what i had just eaten.

anyone who has felt this please let me know, i feel alone and like i have noone and i don't feel like myself at all and i feel like im dieing inside but my dad calls me a hypocondriac.
shineon75 responded:
Look at this discussion group - many people have gone through and continue to go through similar conditions.

Based on others experiences, it would appear you're suffering from severe anxiety and/or panic attacks, and you're not dying. The doctor on that discussion group had some suggestions for people suffering from symptoms similar to yours. Remember, you're not alone - many people suffer from this, and there is help.
kateybrown92 responded:
I've felt like this many of times but you aren't alone. I'm sorry that your dad is the way that he is but if hes never had anxiety/panic, he's not gonna know what it feels like. I'm not a doctor but if you have been to the doctor and have had tests done then there is nothing at all wrong with you. anxiety can make you feel this way, it can produce nones of physical symptoms. It's really hard when you have no one to talk to but you really should consider talking to a therapist, it will help you so much. but believe me, your only 19 like you said, you have your whole life ahead of you, your too young to be worrying about something being wrong with you. your letting your anxiety rule your life, and your letting your mind get to you. be thankful that you are young and healthy. please talk to someone though, whether it's your doctor or a psychologist. you don't deserve to go through what your dad is putting you through. there are alot of people who are in the same situation as you are and you are not alone. get out of the house, do the things you enjoy doing, get your mind off of how your feeling because trust me, your mind is tricking you into thinking like this. you can't help feeling sick and being anxious and scared but you can control how you react. please believe me and believe your doctors if they tell you that you are fine. don't make yourself feel worse, chances are all you are doing is making yourself worse when there is nothing wrong with you, its crazy how our minds can trick us. Don't let this get the best of you. You'll get through it. Good luck. dont hesitate to ask if you need anything
Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
Anxiety, for someone your age, isn't unusual because there are things in life that you need to experience and learn how to handle and that comes with living. You will learn how to do this, but people around you need the help, too.

I'm a psychologist, not an insurance agent or broker and I really can't offer too much help there. But one thing I would say is that you call your insurance company and ask for advice regarding how you should deal with this matter and whether or not you should speak to the man whose truck was in front of you. I would think you'd want to speak to your agent before agreeing to anything other than what you did in providing your insurance information. Your insurance company can handle this.

So you've been to the ER several times with similar symptoms and nobody seems to have made any recommendations for follow-up care for you? I think you might want to see your primary care physician and discuss how you're feeling and the kinds of symptoms you're having.

In the meantime, why not take advantage of some of the self-help techniques we have here on this page in the Tips column? My first recommendation is that you watch the relaxation breathing video and do the breathing on a daily basis, perhaps several times. I think you'll find it very helpful.

I hope things to calm down for you and that you feel better very soon.
jenavive27 responded:
did finally go to the doctor after my dad calmed down i asked him to go with me.

they did fine other things that i have. and they aren't anxiety related.

1. gastroesophageal reflux disease
3. some form of angina

before i went in i had stabbing pain in the middle of my chest and it went to the middle of my back in between the shoulder blades.

they put me on some medicine for the reflux prilosec and zantac. they are somewhat helping but i still have the chest feeling and im very nauseous almost to the point of throwing up. but i read nausea comes with one of the medications im taking. after labor day weekend im going to be making an appointment with the doctor to see about further treatment for the angina. it stole away two days of my life and is still doing so. im still getting winded very easily and i have no clue why, also haveing a little trouble breathing but i don't i'll just have to wait and see how everything goes.

yesterday when in the er they gave me medicine, and i almost cried because i was free of pain for at least an hour to 2 hours, pretty sure it was an hour. but it felt nice not to have pain in my chest.

i know someone who would look at all my symptoms would call it anxiety, but i have had 2 overly long panic attacks and it didn't feel anything of the sort. i know its something more serious than anxiety. whenever my chest will start to hurt i will be having the funnest time and nothing stressful will be on my mind.

my symptom's right now are:

raspyness when breathing in/wheezing feeling
back pain (still) in between shoulder blades
slight can't swallow feeling/ closing of the throat feeling
random chest pains:
constricting, dull, sharp, and stabbing sensation
slight lump in throat feeling
nauseuos almost to the point of throwing up
slight stomach pain

i think my chest pains/hearg pains/back pains are because of either unstable angina, prinzmetal's angina, argina pectoris, or some more severe sign of angina.

i have chest and heart pains right now, hopefully they'll go away. but i don't know if i should be worried since the warning label on one of the medicins im taking says call emergency contact if chest pain occurs.
healingontheway replied to jenavive27's response:
I am so sorry you are going through all of this..... as for the breathing I am suffering with asthma/anxiety myself and not sure which sets off make sure they check you for asthma also.... I hope you can get some relief soon

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