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Skin tingles/zings/feels like something is crawling
Phillymomx2 posted:
For the past 3 weeks, I have had a sensation on my skin. It feels like something is cralwing on me or biting me. I look bite marks, no redness, no NOTHING.
I have determined it is not: change of detergent/soap, bed bugs (or any other bugs), and I have not travelled outside my home.
It happens all over my body...mostly my legs and back. It occurs when I am at rest...driving, sitting down, laying down.
I have had much "stress" lately..and am wondering if it is my body reacting.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have seen my General Physician and a neurogolist...nothing wrong. I have had blood work...nothing wrong.
Please's driving me nuts.
Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
It sounds like you've taken all the right steps and if everything else has been ruled an out, it looks like it might be stress. You did indicate that you were under a lot of stress recently and I'm wondering if there are any things that you've done to try to deal with this a bit better.

I don't know how much you can change things in your life to allow yourself a bit of "stress-free" time, but it would seem that's needed. There are several things that you can do, even if you can't change your schedule very much. For one, take a look at our Tips column and see what might be useful there. I would recommend the relaxation breathing video and that you take a look at the exercises that we've provided which you can do anywhere, in your home, in your office.

I'm sure everyone has told you that you need to get enough sleep, watch your diet, cut back on caffeine and get out and have some free, fun time. All of these things are essential and your body is telling you that you need to do some of them.

I hope things do improve for you very soon.
rarejewel11 responded:

I was wondering how things going for you. I have the exact same problem and am wondering is it stress too. I haven't had a good nights sleep in awhile and hope its something as simple.
Phillymomx2 replied to rarejewel11's response:
My General Physician thinks it is an allergic reaction to silicone. I had a pessorie inserted for Female Incontinence, and they think it is an internal allergic reaction to it. I have removed the device for about 6 days now. The sensations are still present, but greatly reduced (in quality and quantity). I have to take Allegra to help reduce the allergic reaction.
I consulted with the Urologist who gave me the pessorie and she firmly believes it is a reaction to the device...even though we can't confirm it until time passes.
I will be seeing my Urologist in 3 weeks.
(I did have blood work done for Lyme's disease and testing of my Thyroid. I don't have the results yet.)
Good luck with your can be maddening!
mawaridi1 replied to Phillymomx2's response:

[br>I was wondering how things going for you. I have the exact same problem and am wondering if you got it treated. If yes what did you do?

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