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Celexa FDA study
jujulang posted:
Great! I've been on Celexa now for 2 years and I'm on it due to anxiety and panic disorder. I have an underlying heart murmur and some extra beats which are innocent so I'm told.
Now I'm anxious over taking this ................... My Dr doesn't seem to see the big deal , but then again she isn't the one taking it.
Are they going to take it off the market?
Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
Any information regarding removing medication from the market would be on the FDA site which is a and, it is my understanding, that the concerns regarding this medication only apply to very high doses. However I would encourage you to go to the FDA site and check this out. You're right; your doctor isn't the one taking the medication and you are the one who has to be discerned about any medication side effects. Keep yourself informed.