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Can you take clonazepam and gabapentin at the same time?
Julie1943 posted:
I have been taking Gabapentin 600mg. for 12 years now. I take it around 10:00pm a few hours before I go to bed. Because of anxiety the Dr. also is starting me on clonazepam, morning and night. Can I take both drugs (clonazepam and gabapentin ) at the same time at night.
Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
I am not an M.D. and I cannot provide a professional opinion on your medication question. Usually, you would discuss this with whoever is prescribing for you and, possibly, the pharmacist who filled your prescriptions can alert you to problems. Pharmacies generally have programs which will flag problems, but I wouldn't depend on that and I would think it would be best to talk to your prescriber.