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How my anxiety makes me feel!
lovepeacehappiness05 posted:
Hi everybody im 20 yrs old and i suffer from an anxiety disorder i aabsolutely hate it i always wish i was normal like others im glad i found this website it helps me calm down when im having my anxiety because i see that i am not alone ialways thought it was jst me who suffered from this i love helping others with this same problem becuase i no how terrifing and horrible it feels. When i get my anxiety i feel weak, lightheaded, unbalanced an my palms start sweating i get really hot like hot flashes, i feel like ima just faint an i get this terrifying feeling that something is going to happen to me like that ima die or something my mom tells me to calm down n keep myself busy so i wont think about it but its hard cause there are so many things racing through my mind all at once. If any1 wants to tlk about this anxiety feel free to reply to my post i am more than welcome to talk an help others. wish every1 da best of luck an i no we can all over come this anxiety .
SeekingFreedom93 responded:
I understand how you feel, I feel like a prisoner of my fears and anxiety
justmebeingme responded:
Hello, I am 40 years old and I am coming to grips that I may suffer from social anxiety, and/or panic attacks. I sometimes feel like maybe I am crazy...but I don't think so. I physically get sick, emotionally get sick and I sometimes feel like I can't function in everyday life. These feelings have been going on for a few years, but lately the physical aspect of it is starting to show... I start to sweat, my face turns red and gets warm, my hands sweat, and my heart races as if I am having a heart attack. I cannot deal with these symtoms anymore. I am looking to seek some professional help because I am lost and scared. I panic about everything almost constantly... help!!
Patricia Farrell, PhD responded:
Thanks for your post. I know everyone here is happy to know that you have found this website helpful because everyone also knows what anxiety feels like and how it can be very upsetting to your life.

It's wonderful that you do have a supportive mom who understands that keeping busy can be quite helpful. Of course, there are a few other things that you might be able to do for yourself and I would suggest that you look at our Tips column. There you will find a relaxation breathing video tutorial that can teach you this simple self-help technique. You can use it anywhere you happen to be, anytime of the day or night and it will help calm you down. Don't wait until you're feeling anxious to use it; just use it randomly during the day to keep the anxiety down.

One thing that we do know about anxiety is that it has to be controlled quickly in order to prevent it from escalating. If you use the breathing technique that is exactly what you are going to be doing. In this regard, anxiety is very much like pain because both of them have to be quickly addressed in order to prevent increases that will be difficult to control.

Please come back whenever you would like to post and freely communicate with anyone here on the board.

Dr. Farrell
gonnafindaway responded:
Hello there. I know how you feel. Yesterday I tried to stop at the mall to pick up one item and Iwanted to just go nuts before hetting out of there. Feeling dizzy, stomach cramps, heart racing. I've had it for over 20 years and It doesn't change. Just know you are not alone . Ive noticed that when I go to the psychiatrist offie , the lines and waits are getting longer and longer. Take care and good luck . If you are Christian take a look at a book that has helped me called"Battlefield of the mind" by Joyce Meyer. It might help you. If you need to chat with someone Reply back anytime!

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